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57 Best Machine Learning Course Online & Tutorial Digital Learning Land


Data visualization: In this section, you will learn how to create simple plots like scatter plot histogram bar, etc. Data manipulation: You will learn in detail about data manipulation. GUI Programming: This section is a combination of life instructor-led training and self-paced learning. Developing web Maps and representing information using plots: In this section, you will understand how to design Python applications. Computer vision using open CV and visualization using bokeh: You will also learn designing Python application in the section.

Get a lifetime supply of on-demand fitness classes for under £100


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Live Streaming Fitness is on sale for £63.39 as of July 4, saving you 84% on list price. How many times have you made a resolution to workout more often? And how many times have you abandoned that resolution just a few weeks later? We get it: exercising sucks. Thankfully, there are lots of fun options for becoming healthier – and we're not just talking about Peloton.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals


Created by George Levy What you'll learn Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is. Understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations. Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is. Understand what Bitcoin is and how it works.

12 Best Bootstrap 4 Tutorial, Course & Certification Digital Learning Land


Do you want to learn Bootstrap 4? Learn it from the Best Bootstrap 4 Tutorial, Course, Training, & Certification that you will find online. Here you will learn the latest version of Bootstrap. In this present world, Bootstrap is the most popular design framework. It helps to create proper looking websites. If you will do these courses, these courses will make you a master in developing responsive, mobile-first websites. From these given courses you can find online to learn Bootstrap 4 and listed those in here. These online courses will help you to shape your knowledge of Bootstrap 4. The Best Bootstrap 4 Certification that you will receive at the end of the course is of great value and will encourage you for higher persuasions in the future.