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Dover traffic: 'We were stuck in traffic for 16 hours'

BBC News

UK officials are to assist with French border checks at the Port of Dover, after the government said motorists had suffered "extraordinary disruption". Motorists were caught up in long delays through Kent, due to high numbers of holidaymakers and understaffed French border posts amid heightened security checks. Ollie Burridge, who is travelling with his family to Barcelona from South Wales, told the BBC they had been stuck in traffic for 16 hours waiting to board a ferry.

Fan stops traffic to get a selfie with The Rock


Dwayne'The Rock' Johnson is all about making his fans happy and sometimes that means halting traffic to do so. SEE ALSO: The Rock flawlessly recreated his most iconic '90s outfit for'SNL' The Rock was driving in his pickup after work when a fan pulled up beside him, recognized the actor, and started to freak out. In a Facebook post, he wrote, "I rolled the passenger window down to say hello and then he REALLY freaked out." The fan immediately parked his rig in the middle of the road and went to stand next to The Rock's driver side window, which was in the way of oncoming traffic. The actor pulled out his phone to record the hilarious encounter.

Wrong traffic statistics reported by


Do you know what causes (a URL shorterner and traffic reporting tool) to report traffic statistics (on a specific URL) that are 3-4 times higher than they really are? This is happening in very specific circumstances. I've noticed the error when we send a newsletter from our Ning platform (using the Ning email submission tool). It does not happen when using other email blasts (for instance LinkedIn or VerticalResponse), and it does not happen with links accessible from a web page (as opposed to a link embedded into an email).

Pornhub traffic in Washington DC skyrocketed on election night


Good job everyone: Americans took a break from looking at porn long enough to watch the midterm erection election results roll in. According to Pornhub's ever-insightful analytics, traffic in the United States was up as much as 20 percent on Tuesday morning. The report theorizes that Americans jerked off early before hitting the polls, or "perhaps they woke up more anxious than usual and needed to relax." Traffic dipped between 4 to 7 p.m. and then again between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. as results rolled in across the nation. Strangely, traffic was up 1.7 percent at 8 p.m. -- maybe it was too late to vote but too early for results?

State Gives Philadelphia $3 Million for Traffic Improvements

U.S. News

The funding was announced Tuesday by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, and the money would fund work on traffic lanes in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia.