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GM's Cruise partners with DoorDash to test food delivery with self-driving cars in San Francisco

Daily Mail - Science & tech

DoorDash is teaming up with General Motors to test using self-driving cars to deliver meals and groceries. The partnership, announced on Thursday, will take place in San Francisco. A pilot program with GM's Cruise Automation division will start in March, according to DoorDash. DoorDash is teaming up with General Motors to test using self-driving cars to deliver meals and groceries. DoorDash, which delivers items from restaurants and businesses on demand, was started in 2013 by Stanford University students.

Hungry between classes? On this college campus, robot vending machines are delivering snacks to students.

Washington Post - Technology News

In one of the iconic scenes from the teen movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," sun-baked stoner Jeff Spicoli has a double cheese and sausage pizza delivered to his classroom, boldly interrupting his uncompromising instructor mid-lecture. Spicoli was considered a mischievous airhead for flouting early-1980s dining etiquette, but he may actually have been way ahead of his time. More than three decades later, a California campus is embracing a kind of food delivery -- via robot. On Wednesday, students at University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif., will be able to order snacks and beverages for the first time from a bright-colored roving robot on wheels known as the "Snackbot." Its stout body perched atop six small wheels, the electric Snackbot resembles some combination of an Igloo cooler and a Volkswagen Microbus.

Is Self-Driving Car Evolution Hitting an Inflection Point? -- The Motley Fool


Over the past several years, there have been plenty of headlines concerning autonomous vehicles, and the inevitable self-driving future hurdling toward us. The race is on to determine the winners in this fast-emerging industry. Waymo, a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG), has long been considered the front-runner, being the first to have a working model on the highways and byways of America. Competition is beginning to loom, however, as evidenced by the increasing number of test drives by well-heeled competitors. Let's look at recent announcements by Waymo, General Motors (NYSE:GM), and Ford Motor (NYSE:F) that give insight into the fast-approaching future of self-driving cars.

Robots may be delivering your Domino's pizza

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

San Francisco restaurants like Creator are leaning on automation to create low cost food. This could be an issue for humans as robots take over jobs. Domino's is taking a new autonomous delivery partnership for a spin. The pizza chain announced Monday it is teaming with robotics company Nuro for a pilot program in Houston later this year. Nuro has developed a custom unmanned vehicle, called the R2, for delivering goods including food and dry cleaning.

FedEx lets delivery robot 'Roxo' loose in NYC for the first time, but is 'sent packing' by the mayor

Daily Mail - Science & tech

New Yorkers got their first glimpse of FedEx's delivery robot last week, when a prototype named'Roxo' was given a day out in Manhattan. But far from being welcomed by residents, the six-wheeled droid was promptly presented with a cease-and-desist order by the city. A long-standing ambition for many tech firms, delivery robots is finally getting close to becoming a reality. FedEx has trialled the bots in several U.S. cities including Memphis, Manchester and New Hampshire, before bringing one to New York City. Although the robot's trip out in New York was just a marketing stunt, rather than an actual trial, it has already attracted feedback from some residents - namely mayor Bill de Blasio.