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Why This Vertical Neighborhood Is Leading The Trend

Forbes - Tech

Travel to even a few major cities in America, and you'll see explosive real estate development in a variety of neighborhoods. Much of the surge is allegedly attributed to Millennials, their desires, values, and lifestyle. According to one article, 23 out of 25 country's largest cities are seeing growth specifically due college-educated adults under the age of 45. Yet ohers reports completely contradict this view. The truth is, the demographic far too large and varied to operate as monolith.


International Business Times

Google has patented a new device that appears to be a new type of laptop featuring dual touchscreen displays. The new device can be arranged to look like a regular laptop or be folded and turned into a tablet. The Google patent was first spotted by Slash Gear, while the full patent has been published on Fresh Patents. The patented concept device features two touchscreen displays, and when folded out, looks like a traditional laptop. The bottom portion can function like a touchscreen keyboard, while the top portion is for viewing content.

Information About Hadoop: An Open-Source Framework -


Doung Cutting joined Yahoo in 2006, and he retained the word Nutch for the web crawler portion of the project. He named the storage and distributed processing portion of the project as Hadoop (Doung's son's toy element). In 2008, Yahoo released Hadoop as an open source project. Today, Hadoop is developed as a framework in a non-profit organization Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a global community for a software developer.

Extension of Gold Line rail system to San Bernardino County breaks ground

Los Angeles Times

Officials broke ground today on a $1.5-billion, six-station Foothill Gold Line extension from Glendora to Montclair in a ceremony at Citrus College.

Lost rivers could heat London to cut capital's emissions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A network of lost rivers buried under the streets of London could provide the capital city with fossil fuel-free heat, campaigners have claimed. These ancient waterways could be directed through heat pumps to provide clean energy –reducing the emissions from the city, according to a new report. However, these pumps have never been used at scale in a UK project and the study did not look at whether building them would be financially viable. Instead of providing spots for fishing and transportation, these ancient rivers could be used to fuel heat pumps to power the capital. 'In centuries past, a myriad of tributaries flowed right through London into the River Thames and River Lea,' researchers from the London-based climate charity 10:10 and social enterprise Scene wrote in a new report.