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Disney's dirty little secret

FOX News

Disney theme parks might be a place where dreams come true for guests, but they can also be a nightmare for the staff. The behavior of some visitors is so high-maintenance that staff has a special name for them. If a visitor is particularly rude or disruptive, staff will refer to them as a "treasured guest." Disney has rules against employees using negative or insulting language in front of customers. So the staff has come up with a more diplomatic name for the worst visitors.

Now you can virtually explore Disney parks without spending a buck


It's no secret that Disney vacations are crazy expensive these days. There's some good news--if you want a taste of that Disney magic without breaking the bank (or leaving the comfort of your couch), Google Maps can now hook you up. Google Maps is releasing 11 Disney parks for Street View, including locations from both Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida, and bringing the magic of Disney right to your laptop screen. The Disney parks Street Views will allow you to explore the park areas without paying the price of admission or dealing with the hot weather and crowds of screaming children. Though you won't actually ride the attractions, you can cruise through the line and click through the park to explore.


Los Angeles Times

As Disney prepares to officially open its first theme park in mainland China on Thursday, hundreds of members of the press and VIP guests descended upon the company's Shanghai resort Tuesday for final previews of the massive 5.5-billion complex. Disney isn't saying how many guests it expects to entertain in the first year, though outside analysts have put the number at 10 million to 12 million, with up to 30 million a year if Disney expands onto adjoining parcels. Capturing the vast nature of the Shanghai park -- Disney's largest investment to date outside of the United States -- is hard to do in both words and pictures, but the Mouse House's masters of publicity have prepared a raft of statistics that aim to illustrate just how huge the development is. Take our quiz to see if you've got a grasp on the dimensions of Disney's newest theme park.

Bob Iger: Shanghai Disney could expand 'sooner rather than later'

Los Angeles Times

Kicking off the final 24 hours of previews and trial runs before formally opening the gates of Shanghai Disney Resort, Disney CEO Bob Iger said Wednesday the company is thinking of expanding "sooner rather than later." A 5.5-billion project co-owned by a state-owned investment group, Shanghai Disney is already the largest overseas investment for Burbank-based Disney. But there is a further 7 square kilometers of adjacent land to add more attractions or even separate parks, Iger noted. "We are already thinking of what to do next." More than 500,000 people have visited the theme park since trial operations began in late April, Iger said.

Disney merges its kid-friendly streaming options into a single app


Disney has combined four of its kid-friendly streaming apps into one all-encompassing one called DisneyNOW. It has everything that the separate Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Radio Disney apps had, but all of the content is now consolidated under a single main app. DisneyNOW has full show episodes and livestreaming of shows airing on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD when you use a valid cable, satellite or digital service -- such as Hulu and YouTube TV -- login. Multiple users can create their own profiles and the app will hold their spot in shows they don't finish and suggest content they might like based on what they watch. DisneyNOW also has games, more of which will be added monthly, and Disney Channel original movies.