Lenovo offers surveillance security solutions at Intersec 2020


Video surveillance systems are evolving and are using artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect and analyse video footage, interpret patterns and flag unusual activity. Lenovo DCG and Pivot3 provide a state-of-the-art upgraded infrastructure solutions that aim to enhance current technology required to support these systems rather than entrusting the preservation of crucial data to outdated NVR technology. Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Chris Cooper, General Manager for Lenovo DCG, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said, "We are delighted to showcase our partnership with Pivot3 at one the world's leading technology trade shows. The Middle East is exhibiting tremendous growth in terms of adopting smart solutions. The UAE in particular is investing heavily in implementing the latest innovations in their technological infrastructure; therefore, we see great potential from our partnership with Pivot3 as we work together to supply the appetite for next generation computing products and services."

Udacity launches self-driving car nanodegree


The online education company Udacity is partnering with major companies in the field of autonomous vehicles to launch a nanodegree program for those interested in becoming a self-driving car engineer. "It is the first and only program of its kind where most people with an internet connection--from Detroit to Damascus and from Adelaide to Aleppo--can learn the skills they need to work in one of the most amazing fields of our time," Udacity founder and president Sebastian Thrun wrote in a blog post. The course, which spans three 12-week terms, covers deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, localization and controllers. Four major partners have committed to fast-tracking the nanodegree graduates into positions around the world: Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Otto (recently acquired by Uber) and Didi Chuxing. Thrun promised that more partners will be added to that list.

If you want to see the future of your city, take a look at these 3 places


Many large cities (Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Singapore, Dubai, London, San Francisco) serve as test beds for autonomous vehicle trials in a competitive race to develop "self-driving" cars. Automated ports and warehouses are also increasingly automated and robotised. Testing of delivery robots and drones is gathering pace beyond the warehouse gates. Automated control systems are monitoring, regulating and optimising traffic flows. Automated vertical farms are innovating production of food in "non-agricultural" urban areas around the world.

WebMining for Profit: E-Business Optimization: Jesus Mena: 9781555582654: Amazon.com: Books


This book should be required reading for every executive, marketing, or sales manager remotely connected with e-business, e-commerce, or making the e-channel work. In fact, industry analysts, investment and equity researchers, and consultants - anybody interested in companies engaged in making the e-channel "work" - should all be reading this book to get a simple, clear, and definitive picture of the vast array of efforts going on in the e-business optimization industry. This is not a technical book -learning how to optimize e-business takes a lot of knowledge and can't possibly be contained in one book, however: this is a book that offers a concise guide to and classification of the many, varied e-business optimization solution approaches out there. Weaved in and thoughout are subtle, simple, and helpful recomendations, insights, and sometimes just plain descriptions of "how things work". As mentioned, an indispensable guide - but with a bonus.

Tinder introduces travel safety feature for LGBTQ users in countries with discriminatory laws

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Dating app Tinder will roll out new safety features that alerts LGBTQ users when they're using its service in a country with discriminatory laws. The new feature keys in on 70 different countries chosen with help from the the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association and is effective today. Countries under the feature's umbrella include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and more. 'We're rolling out a Traveler Alert that will appear when Tinder is opened in one of these locations to ensure that our users are aware of the potential dangers the LGBTQ community faces so that they can take extra caution and do not unknowingly place themselves in danger for simply being themselves,' said the company in a statement. Tinder says the feature works by automatically hiding the user upon entering one of the countries and will appear in the form of an alert within the app.