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Singles don't want to date non-voters, according to new OkCupid survey


If I'm perusing a dating app and someone mentions being apolitical, or not caring about politics, I grimace. In this (ravaged) economy (and global pandemic and time of social unrest)? I'm not alone in this, according to data found by OkCupid. Over 500,000 users said they couldn't date someone who didn't vote, according to new data provided by the dating app. Those who say they're registered voters are 63 percent more likely to get a match -- and 85 percent more likely to receive a message.

What dating may look like in 2021, according to millions of OkCupid users


This is true for practically every aspect of our lives, and dating is no different. OkCupid tried to answer that question with their first-ever Future of Dating report, which features 2021 trend forecasts based on over 450 million answers to their matching questions. The biggest shifts have to do with politics and "slow" (or at least slower) dating -- both topics that have been heavily impacted by what's happened this year. Perhaps it's not surprising in such a divisive year, but 64 percent of the more than two million users surveyed said they preferred a date that shares their political views. Furthermore, more users are refusing to date people with opposing political views.

OkCupid now lets all users share their pronouns, regardless of gender or orientation


In 2018, OkCupid rolled out a feature for users who identified as any gender other than a man or woman to choose their pronouns. Now, the dating app is opening that feature up to every user regardless of their gender. They're doing this in the hopes that it will normalize listing pronouns in your profile and create a safer environment for OkCupid's trans and nonbinary users. The move comes shortly after the dating app added a Black Lives Matter badge, along with profile questions surrounding racial inequality. "For many people, especially non-binary and transgender daters, there's nothing more personal than our names and pronouns," said Michael Kaye, global communications manager at OkCupid.

OkCupid to launch 'VILF' campaign to encourage voting

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on OkCupid is encouraging its users to vote, and it's doing so with a provocative saying. The online dating platform is launching a VILF badge, which is a play on popular suggestive terms like MILF or DILF. However, in this case, OkCupid users can tack VILF badges onto their profiles to let all their potential dates know that they are voters and have a risqué sense of humor.


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In an effort to curb unwanted sexual images from being sent to others, the platform announced this week its special pledge for members. People sending harassing or unwanted sexually explicit messages will be banned." A survey last year said 61 percent of women received unwanted sexually explicit images, while 40 percent said they received it more than once. Now, the question remains as to whether the pledge will actually stop users from sending unwanted sexually explicit photos.