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Increasing Small Business Sales and Revenue


Sometimes when we listen to the news and pundits that interpret reports and statistics, our hope or determination can get clouded. This is also true in business, but especially for small business owners. If we watch the news we could get a sense that everything was going wrong and all businesses are in trouble. Unfortunately, this is true for a lot of the big corporations that we all know well, but is it really the same state for increasing small business revenue? The fact is that for the most part small business is striding forward with sales and revenue, even in our current economy, and a Constant Contact study shows this has been true since last year.

Japan business confidence slips in June survey, off for second quarter: BOJ 'tankan'

The Japan Times

Confidence among Japan's biggest manufacturers has slipped for the second straight quarter, a key central bank survey showed on Monday. The Bank of Japan's tankan report -- a quarterly survey of about 10,000 companies -- showed a reading of 21 among major manufacturers in its June survey against 24 in the March report. The latest tankan, however, hardly made economists pessimistic about the world's third-largest economy, with the headline index still close to its highest level in over a decade. The report, the broadest indicator of how Japan Inc. is faring, marks the difference between the percentage of firms that are upbeat and those that see conditions as unfavorable. The latest reading is slightly lower than market expectations of 22, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News.

When Datapoints the Way- AI and The Future of Strategic Decision Making


If you understood the wordplay in the title, you're well aware of the massive impact that artificial intelligence is going to have on future business decisions across the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg as industry experts point out. According to the McKinsey survey of nearly 3000 business leaders spanning 160 case studies across 10 countries, in 2016 alone, AI initiatives reached investment between $26bn and $39bn, with external investments growing by a factor of 3x within three years prior. So, the big, lingering question is, where does the business strategist fit into the grand scheme of AI implementation? Business Strategy managers and consultants are the spearheads that CxOs are looking at to advise and eventually implement data driven business strategies that not only focus on the top and bottom lines of the organization, but also provide a much needed data driven decision making approach.