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Tokyo Olympics: The youngest athletes, past and present

BBC News

GB skateboarder Sky Brown is 13 years old, but there have been even younger in the history of the Games.

Fans, Athletes, Volunteers Will Be up Early at Tokyo Games

U.S. News

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were held in the fall and did not face heat problems. But modern Olympics can no longer be held in that timeframe, needing to avoid Europe's crowded soccer schedule, and year-round scheduling of the big four sports in the United States -- football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Tokyo 2020: 'You can take our flag but not our love for Russia'

BBC News

Russia is banned from Toyko 2020 because of past doping violations but more than 300 athletes are competing under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee – and they're winning a string of medals. That's upset some rival athletes, who've openly speculated that the Russians are still cheating or complain their very presence at the games leaves a bad taste. But, in Russia itself, many feel their athletes have been punished – unable to use their national flag or anthem – and Russian officials have hit back at the criticism, calling it "the whining of losers".

Decades after Moscow boycott, petition launched to include affected Japan athletes in Tokyo Olympics

The Japan Times

The Japan Sports Society began collecting signatures Thursday for a petition asking that former athletes who missed out on the 1980 Moscow Games due to Japan's Cold War-era boycott be included in some way in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The group will solicit support until Dec. 20 before submitting the signatures to the organizing committee for the Tokyo Games and the Japanese Olympic Committee. The petition was announced a day after the host nation marked one year until the games open. Proposals for the former athletes' involvement in the 2020 Games include running in the Olympic torch relay and featuring in the opening ceremony. According to the Japan Sports Society, 178 athletes were selected to compete in the 1980 Games before the JOC voted to join the U.S.-led boycott protesting the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.

Tokyo Olympics: First athletes have Covid at athletes village

BBC News

Infection rates are rising among the general population of Tokyo, topping 1,000 new cases for four consecutive days. Polls show many Japanese people oppose holding the Games with the influx of overseas visitors it entails.