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Perseid meteor shower set to peak at weekend

BBC News

The Perseid meteor shower will peak over the weekend, giving stargazers the opportunity to spot scores of shooting stars in the sky. Astronomers say hundreds of meteors will streak across the sky in a display that may be visible around the world. The Perseid meteor shower occurs every July and August as the Earth passes debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet. The BBC Weather centre said it would peak from 23:00 BST on Saturday and could be seen in most parts of the UK. However, experts say the Perseids could be harder to see this year as the Moon will be three-quarters full.

Super 'blood' Moon treats stargazers around the world

BBC News

Two rare celestial events have coincided as the Moon appears larger during a lunar eclipse.

A dimming Betelgeuse has stargazers bursting. Three questions.

Christian Science Monitor | Science

Betelgeuse, the left shoulder of the constellation of Orion, is one of the brightest stars in the sky. At least it had been. But over the past several weeks, it has grown much dimmer than it usually is – and astronomers aren't sure why. It has even spurred speculation that the red supergiant might be about to go supernova. Betelgeuse is a "variable star," so it naturally goes through cycles of brightness.

Rare 'blue moon' to enchant Halloween stargazers

BBC News

A full moon at Halloween is a rare event but this year it is a blue moon which is even more unusual.