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How To Select A Software Vendor

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As an engineering manager, some day you will be faced with a need to select a vendor. Usually, it's when you need a quick solution that's not within your team's skill set, but there are a lot of other instances. The selection could be very important to your team, company and career (no pressure), so it's important to get it right. After doing it for many years, I've developed a framework to help streamline the vendor selection process. First, you need to come up with a list of business requirements for the project.

7 AI vendors on the leading edge in healthcare


In its new report "Cool Vendors for AI in Healthcare, 2017," Gartner predicts a "very active and somewhat confusing healthcare AI market over the next several years." Part of the confusion is due to "the lack of clarity in terminology and the fact that almost every vendor is capitalizing on the new bright shiny object." The Cool Vendors selected by the research firm for this report represent some of the hottest trends in the application of AI.

Rethink Your Relationship with Your Vendors


We've come a long way from the days of horrific working conditions of the industrial age. Yet many companies are still as tough on their vendors as managers were on their employees a century ago. In the gig economy the line between a freelance employee and a traditional vendor has become blurred. Smart companies are therefore increasingly treating their gig workers like employees to get more of them. The problem with current company-vendor relations starts at the beginning of the relationship.

Is it time to have that confrontational meeting with a poor vendor?


Anyone who's ever been in management has been there. A vendor misses deliverable dates, or causes a critical system error because of an incorrect software installation, or fails to resolve production issues in reasonable time, or changes a policy or a payment plan that makes you wish you had never signed up. In a world increasingly dominated by cloud computing and outsourcing, vendor management has become a core competency of running a great IT department. Here's how to maximize your partnerships. When is it time to call a meeting to confront the vendor -- and what do you say?

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2018


The year is 2018 and cloud computing is commonplace. It's a stark difference from the beginning of the decade, when "the cloud" was a concept most businesses were contemplating and most people were joking about not understanding.