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Japan and China agree to boost confidence-building efforts in key security dialogue

The Japan Times

BEIJING – Japan and China have agreed to strengthen confidence-building measures in a security dialogue held for the first time in nearly two years. During the meeting in Beijing on Monday involving senior diplomats and defense officials, both sides explained each other's security policies and "frankly" discussed major challenges facing the region and the rest of the world, the Japanese government said. The government also said Japan asked China to make its security polices more transparent. The talks in Beijing took place as the two countries attempt to set up a maritime and aerial communication mechanism to prevent accidental clashes in and above the East China Sea, where China has been asserting its claim to the Japan-administered Senkaku Islands. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to ease tensions stemming from a standoff over sovereignty of a group of tiny islands in the sea.

China Says Security Dialogue Postponed at U.S. Request

U.S. News

A U.S. official confirmed on Sunday that the meeting had been canceled, though he did not say whether it was related to an escalating trade dispute, concerns about U.S. arms sales to self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own, or Chinese military activity in the South China Sea.

U.S., China to Hold Delayed Diplomatic, Security Dialogue Friday

U.S. News

China said last month the two sides had initially agreed "in principle" to hold the second round of diplomatic security talks in October but they were postponed at Washington's request amid rising tensions over trade, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Japan and China to hold security dialogue on Feb. 1 in Beijing, sources say

The Japan Times

Japan and China are set to hold a security dialogue on Feb. 1 in Beijing in a bid to narrow differences over defense issues, as their relations have been improving, according to bilateral sources close to the matter. The security dialogue between senior foreign affairs and defense officials of the two countries would be the first since October 2017, when a dialogue was held in Tokyo. Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Mori, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou and defense officials are slated to attend the dialogue, the sources said Wednesday. The planned discussion, aimed at deepening mutual trust between the two sides, comes as Chinese coast guard vessels continue to occasionally sail into waters around the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Discord over the uninhabited islands, which China calls the Diaoyu, has become more tense since 2012, when the Japanese government brought them under state control.

Fully Corpus-Based Natural Language Dialogue System

AAAI Conferences

We describe a corpus-based approach of natural language dialogue system. The characteristic is that all the system's behaviors, like processing and understanding dialogues and generating responses, depend on corpora. As a result, the system can handle any language and any topic. This paper aims to explain the whole architecture and individual technology used in our project.