New Facebook AI Research Could Generate Dynamic Virtual Worlds - UploadVR


At this year's GPU Technology Conference, Facebook AI Research showed off a neural net that lets you generate unique images based on a text description. First they typed "beach" and what looked like a painting of a beach appeared. The image had clouds, so next they typed "beach -clouds" and a brand new beach image appeared with blue sky and no clouds. Lastly, they typed "sunset beach -clouds" and yet another beach image appeared with an orange-red sunset. Amid an impressive conference of photorealistic graphics, self-driving cars, and supercomputers, this was the presentation that drew the most "wow"s from the crowd, and for good reason.

Bullish on NVIDIA? You'll Love These Stocks -- The Motley Fool


Investors kind of have crush on NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA). The company has posted quarter after quarter of strong sales, grown gaming GPU market share, introduced new driverless car technologies, and expanded its artificial intelligence (AI) opportunities -- all of which have led investors to swoon to the stock, pushing it up over 200% over the past 12 months. If you're bullish on NVIDIA's prospects in gaming, AI, and driverless cars, then perhaps you should give Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), and Sony (NYSE:SNE) a good look as well. These companies aren't making the exact same moves as NVIDIA, but each is poised to dominate one of these segments in their own way. NVIDIA is already taking big steps to make AI a priority through its investments in deep learning technologies like Drive PX 2 (for cars) and servers (DGX-1).

Autonomous Simulation Platform


State-of-the-art deep learning simulation engine leverages reality-grade city mesh combined with DNN (deep neural network) and AI capabilities. Cognata's virtual reality simulator and engine enable autonomous car manufacturers to run thousands of different scenarios based on various geographic locations and driver behaviors, and sharing the road with other users. Each mile driven on our simulator is equal to hundreds of miles driven regularly as we constantly create use cases that train the AI driving system and reduce the time to reach maturity and go-to-market.

The Morning Download: In Machine Learning Age, Walmart Executive Finds Scale Helps


Today, bigness means the retailer's machine learning efforts benefit from data generated by people who shop at Walmart every week and activities around the tens of millions of items on its website. "Scarcity of data is what makes artificial intelligence really hard," Mr. King told Ms. Castellanos. "If you have volumes of data like we do, you can really apply it much quicker across the board," he said. Mr. King shared his take on several technologies, some not quite ready for prime time. Overseas traders charged with hacking SEC's public filings site.

Future iPhones to get 4K with new PowerVR graphics architecture


A new PowerVR graphics architecture from Imagination Technologies will give a serious graphics boost to Apple's future iPhones, including 4K graphics. Imagination is announcing Furian, the first major graphics architecture upgrade since Rogue, which was announced in 2010. Apple's iPhone 7 currently has graphics based on the Rogue architecture. The Furian architecture also sets up future iPhones for graphics-intensive applications like virtual reality. Furian will be used in new PowerVR GPUs like the Series8XT, according to Imagination.