Fable moves away from VR and towards AI-powered 'virtual beings'


Edward Saatchi is the rare VR studio head who doesn't have much faith in the future of virtual reality movies. That's what we learned from our conversation with him last year -- now, he's ready to commit to that idea. At Sundance today, Saatchi announced that he's shifting his company Fable away from virtual reality experiences. Instead, they're going to focus primarily on artificial intelligence and "virtual beings," or characters you can interact with naturally across any sort of medium. Lucy, the lead character from Fable's Wolves in the Walls, is the first virtual being from the studio.

VR to make autonomous rides safer, more entertaining


WOULD you pick up a virtual reality headset when you're on your way to work? The ride-hailing company that's seeing the future come quickly is preparing to "help" riders beat motion sickness and boredom with virtual reality (VR) technology โ€“ while still maintaining "situational awareness". According to patents filed by the company, VR headsets offer unique and interesting experiences but when used in a changing environment โ€“ such as a moving vehicle โ€“ can impair the experience. However, with help from the vehicle's sensors, applications on the VR headsets can take measures to reduce the impact of speed breakers, potholes, and other stimuli. Further, the car's cameras can send live video feeds to the VR devices inside the vehicle to "render improved views of the environment around the autonomous vehicle and of landmarks in a city".

Technology Trends Investors Should Watch Closely -- The Motley Fool


Investors looking for the most recent technology trends should look no further than the Gartner's Top Tech Trends 2016 list. The research firm has divided the top tech trends in business into several categories and we dove down into a few them to pull out some of the best ones for investors. They include: driverless cars, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality. IHS Automotive estimates that 10% of all light vehicles sold by 2035 will by fully autonomous (as in, they can drive themselves around everywhere). The group also anticipates that driverless cars will become ubiquitous some time after 2050.

Hugo Barra to Lead Virtual Reality Efforts at Facebook

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

Technology veteran Hugo Barra is joining Facebook Inc. to oversee the social network's virtual-reality efforts, including the work of the Oculus VR team, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said late Wednesday. Mr. Barra, a former executive at Alphabet Inc.'s Google, left Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. this week. His title at Facebook will be vice president of virtual reality, Oculus said in a post on Twitter.