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Why Russian workers are being taught how to smile

BBC News

Ahead of the World Cup, several organisations such as Russian Railways, Fifa and the Moscow Metro are conducting special training to teach their staff to be more polite and helpful to foreign visitors and, in particular, to smile more.

Injuries claim Mount Hakodate Ropeway worker, 26

The Japan Times

HAKODATE – A 26-year-old worker for Mount Hakodate Ropeway in Hokkaido who got his legs caught between cable car gear Sunday died early Monday. The ropeway operator stopped operations to rescue the man, Ryohei Narita, and to inspect the lift, temporarily stranding about 1,000 visitors on the summit of the 334-meter-high mountain, a popular tourist spot thanks to its renowned night view over the city of Hakodate. The local police will investigate to determine if the operator followed proper safety procedures. According to the operator, Narita started to wipe oil off the ropeway's wire alone at around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday after a passenger complained of getting a clothing stain from oil that dropped from above. At 5:10 p.m., he got his legs caught between a gondola pulley and a wheel stop and sustained a broken waist.

Hero rail worker drags suicidal woman from path of train in China

FOX News

A railway worker's quick thinking saved a woman's life when he spotted her running into the path of an oncoming train and hauled her back onto the platform. The suicidal woman suddenly made a dash for the tracks as the train was just seconds away from arriving at Putian City in China's Fujian Province. But 54-year-old Weng Jianzhong reacted immediately, grabbing her arm and saving her from falling over the edge. With both falling to the ground, the train missed the woman's legs by a second. The woman, in her 20s, burst into tears on the platform after being pulled to safety.

Managing the Bots That Are Managing the Business


Algorithms are fundamentally redefining the roles of worker and manager. This article is part of an MIT SMR initiative exploring how technology is reshaping the practice of management. Editor's Note: This is the first in a special series of commissioned essays MIT Sloan Management Review will be publishing in Frontiers over the Spring and Summer of 2016. Each essay gives the author's response to this question: "Within the next five years, how will technology change the practice of management in a way we have not yet witnessed?" Science fiction writer William Gibson once said, "The future is here.

Woman Charged in Crash That Killed Road Crew Worker

U.S. News

The charges stem from a Sept. 5 accident in Franconia. Authorities have said Stock was reaching below her radio for her cigarettes when she struck 53-year-old David Smith and 46-year-old Jeffrey Moyer, who were part of a crew that had been painting roadway markings.