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Now Calling Balls and Strikes: Robot Umpires


Baseball's future has arrived in the Atlantic League with the introduction an automated strike zone. If the experiment goes well, the days of players imploring umps to schedule an eye exam could soon come to an end.

Tennis Umpire Says He Was Fired for Discrimination Complaint

U.S. News

Among the incidents Nimmons says he reported to the nation's governing body for professional tennis was an encounter with a white umpire at the 2013 U.S. Open in New York City who allegedly taunted him by by saying, "Hey Tony, if you were a hungry monkey and I told you there was a watermelon in the tree -- go get it! At a lower-level tournament in in Dallas in 2012, he claims another white umpire yelled, "Tony, you should go back to the ghetto!"

Robo-umps are coming to Major League Baseball, and the game will never be the same


The Houston Astros' use of cameras to steal signs and conceivably cheat to win the World Series has driven many recent conversations about the place and meaning of technology in sports. The Major League Baseball season is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this has only delayed the league addressing the controversy of using technology within the game. New MLB-sponsored technologies, specifically those used to call balls and strikes, will spawn an entirely new set of questions about tech in baseball. These will only heighten the sport's identity crisis. Baseball is a game heavily rooted in its history, and beloved traditions can make it very hard to change any aspect of the game.

MLB tests pitch clock, anti-shift, bigger bases in minors

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Pitchers, catchers and batters will be able to appeal calls from human umpires to "robo umps" in the Low-A Southeast League this season, while pitch clocks, anti-shift rules and larger bases will be tried in the minors ahead of possible big league use in 2023. MLB announced a slate of rules trials Monday, including updates to the Automated Ball-Strike System (ABS) and a ban on infield shifts, that will expand on several experiments from 2021. Some could be introduced to the majors as soon as 2023.

'Let third umpire call no-balls' - Buttler critical after on-field umpire mistakes

BBC News

England's Jos Buttler says no-ball calls should be taken away from on-field umpires after mistakes on day three of the third Test in Sri Lanka. On two occasions it seemed as if Ben Stokes had been dismissed, only for replays to reveal that the on-field umpire had failed to spot no-balls. "I'd like to see the third umpire call them," vice-captain Buttler told BBC Sport. "He could watch TV and then communicate to the on-field umpire." The Lancashire batsman added: "Maybe he could tell him in his ear, or I've played in a few games where the on-field umpire had a watch that buzzed."