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Reinventing the healthcare sector with Artificial Intelligence 7wData


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have already started making inroads into various industries. Healthcare is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the AI revolution. The technology is capable of facilitating easy and secure access to patient medical data, understanding and analysing their conditions. This ultimately helps improve accuracy and efficiency in the diagnosis and modernisation of health care practices. An example of an elementary implementation of AI is the use of chatbots and virtual assistants that can take care of basic yet tedious tasks like registering medical records, clinical workflows and monitoring lab results โ€“ all in an automated and secure process.

Machine Learning And The Future Of Healthcare


Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time and its potential to transform our lives has been frequently debated. Powered by the growth of abilities in computational hardware and related algorithm development, AI research programs have ebbed and flowed. The use of AI in healthcare in India is steadily increasing with new startups and large ICT companies providing AI solutions to combat healthcare challenges in the country. The companies are offering a broad scope of solutions including automation of medical diagnosis, automated analysis of medical tests, detection and screening of diseases, wearable sensor based medical devices and monitoring equipment, patient management systems, predictive healthcare diagnosis and disease prevention. A challenge has been cited quite often while developing these solutions.

The role of AI in Healthcare โ€“ an in-depth guide


Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the silver bullet that will make doctors all over the world unemployed? Will AI be able to outperform oncologist in creating treatment plans for cancer patients? Keep reading and get new perspectives on healthcare AI as I untangle opportunities and grand challenges within the field. "Too much information, too little time" is one of the big challenges in healthcare today. Patients, healthcare professionals and medical devices generate huge amounts of data.

12 Artificial Intelligence Based Healthcare Startups in India


Taking care of human health is a quite intricate job that requires broad and multiple aspects of the healthcare industry to work together. Healthcare industry is already overburdened with the exploding population and lack of trained doctors. The ratio of doctor to patients in India is 1:1700 which is far higher than the recommended ratio of 1 in every 1000 patients by WHO. The spontaneous increase in the count of efficient healthcare providers is not possible. But the access to intelligent and smart technologies can enhance the productivity and precision of existing ones in serving more patients in a specific time, with the ease to improve healthcare outcomes and in lowering the healthcare expense.