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Big Data, ML and APIs: Marketers the Digital Jargon They Don't Understand


Despite 60% of marketers wanting to'own' the digital experience, many admit that they don't fully understand digital terminology such as API, big data and machine learning. The research, which surveyed over 200 IT professionals and 200 marketers, explores the growing disconnect between each group as they struggle to decide who should'own' the emerging digital experience sector. Magnolia found that 24% of marketers don't understand what'machine learning' is, and 23% say they don't know what the term'big data' means. A third of marketers also confess to not know what API stands for. IT teams are also suffering from a similar disconnect, with 77% saying they don't understand the buzzwords marketers use.

A Look Into Magnolia's IBM Watson-Powered AI Personalization Engine


Digital business platform provider Magnolia formed a partnership with IBM in 2015 to integrate with its IBM Marketing Cloud. With the integration, Magnolia users could incorporate the email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement solutions the platform provided into their daily workflows. When Armonk, NY-based IBM folded its Marketing Cloud under the broader umbrella of Watson Marketing in March, the capabilities expanded, which meant good news for Magnolia users. By installing the Magnolia Silverpop Module, Magnolia customers with a Watson Marketing account can plug their Magnolia instances into IBM Watson, bringing further capabilities for personalized content delivery based on scoring models derived from visitor behavior. IBM Watson can, "analyze and interpret all of your data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video [with the aim of] providing personalized recommendations by understanding a user's personality, tone and emotion."

Marketers Need AI, and AI Needs Marketers


For marketers, AI is perhaps the most intimidating abbreviation flying around the boardroom, the event hall, and the company Slack channel. But it doesn't have to be. Just as complex software deployments have become streamlined and marketer-friendly through software as a- service (SaaS), artificial intelligence will be going the same way much sooner than we all think. Before we talk AI, let's first talk personalization--a term marketers are far more comfortable with. Today, many brands face troubles when attempting effective personalization at scale.

Marketers Struggle With Digital Transformation


While today's brands are focused on trying to create exceptional customer experiences, there's a disconnect between marketers and consumers when it comes to understanding their preferences, according to a study from Boxever, which takes a look at consumers and marketers' perceptions around brand loyalty. When it comes to brand loyalty, marketers still focus competition on price alone. Fifty percent of marketers say a competitive price is still the most important factor, but 42% are beginning to consider customer experience as critical. Seventy-five percent of marketers see a greater lift in cross-channel campaigns. However, many companies still think in silos -- Web sites and emails were rated as priority channels among most marketers.