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Jim Hoffer - Next Tools To Grow Oversaturated Media Market: AI, VR, And Blockchain


The global entertainment and media industry has been defined by two dimensions for a very long time: content and distribution. However, technological improvements and the corresponding increased global connectedness mean that a third dimension is now a concern for companies: user experience. The increasingly digital era means that traditional mediums for content are becoming outdated and that new methods of engagement are becoming available. The overall entertainment and media market has seen slowing growth rates due to oversaturation and the preferences of the new generation of consumers. The combination of the sheer amount of content available and the fickle nature of new millennials means that great user experience is one of the best methods to keep customers returning.

Former CNN Exec Klein Brings News on Artificial Intelligence - Broadcasting & Cable


Why This Matters: While TV companies tout navigation, Silicon Valley giants are using AI, personalization to draw viewers to OTT. Leave it to a reporter to find a good navigation tool. Former CBS News and CNN executive Jon Klein believes the TV business needs artificial intelligence to compete with the digital giants whose streaming and over-the-top video offering are accumulating viewers and revenues. Klein is worth listening to. At CNN, he was an early adopter of social media as a newsgathering tool.

Google Cloud acquires video software company Anvato


Google has acquired Anvato, the developer of a video software platform, to shore up its cloud offering in the area of video delivery. Anvato's Media Content Platform, used by many large media and entertainment companies including NBCUniversal, Univision and Fox Sports, will complement the efforts of Google Cloud Platform to offer scalable media processing and workflows in the cloud, Belwadi Srikanth, senior product manager for Google Cloud Platform, wrote in a blog post. The Mountain View, California, company offers software that automates the encoding, editing, publishing and secure distribution of video content across a variety of platforms. Google Cloud Platform and Anvato teams will work together to deliver cloud technologies that help "businesses in the media and entertainment industry scale their video infrastructure efforts and deliver high-quality, live video and on-demand content to consumers on any device -- be it their smartphone, tablet or connected television," Srikanth wrote. Anvato said it will deliver on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure the video processing software technology it already offers pay TV operators, programmers, broadcasters and live event producers.

Cord cutters, revel: It's a battle royal between Netflix, Amazon, Disney, TV

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Shonda Rhimes, is one of the best-known producers in television. Rhimes is making the leap from ABC to Netflix. Netflix produced Marvel's The Defenders, featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. The battle for streaming video watchers is taking on super-hero proportions. Flashing an arsenal of more than 50 million U.S. subscribers and the cash to lure A-list talent and franchises, from ABC hitmaker Shonda Rhimes to Marvel, the on-demand movie pioneer has increased its pressure on Hollywood studios and TV channels.

Cost is not why more Millennials than ever are cutting the cord

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The number of households cutting the cord accelerated in 2016. The pay-TV industry lost 1.7 million, or 1.7%, of its customers in 2016, according to MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett. One of the biggest pain points for cable companies is Millennials. A recent survey from Videology found just one-third of Millennial males plan to pay for television this year. That number is shrinking as 9% of Millennials plan to cancel their cable subscriptions this year, according to a survey from Magid Advisors.