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8 of the best travel cameras in the UK


You might have noticed that many people like to take photographs when they travel. In fact, people who barely use their phone's camera in regular life are often eager to document the strange (to them) and wonderful landscapes, buildings, water features, art, nature, people, animals, and, of course, sunsets of a new location. There is something about leaving your everyday surroundings that forces you to pick up a camera and start snapping. It's a primal urge that cannot and will not be ignored. You can try and resist, but just when you think you've overcome the struggle, a pretty sight will catch your eye and then the next thing you know you're eight shots deep into a semi-professional photoshoot.

Guard your home with one of these smart security cameras that's on sale


Even if you have a trusty building security guard, multiple locks on your door, and a dog, there might still be intruders determined to break into your home and wreak havoc. You can never be too careful, and it's always smart to take extra precautions. The security cameras featured here are all on sale and can be great additions to your living space, serving as extra eyes to provide you with live surveillance of your home at all times. Keep a watchful eye on your home right through your computer or smartphone with this powerful smart camera. It's engineered with advanced monitoring features like HD resolution, powerful 180-degree viewing, two-way audio, night vision recording, and motion detection.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG V20: Comparison Review Of Camera Specs, Features And More

International Business Times

Does the iPhone 7 Plus have a worthy competitor in the all-new LG V20? These two devices are the latest flagship offerings of Apple and LG in the phablet market. Both are rocking high-end specs and features, but which one has better camera technology? Since both handsets sport the latest advancement in the primary smartphone camera technology, it feels right to start comparing these two from there. Apple is boasting that its iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera system is the best there is.

Thin, flexible 'sheet camera' could turn any surface into a camera


Researchers at Columbia University's Computer Vision Lab have developed a flexible "sheet camera" that can be attached to any surface, taking photos and videos from angles previously impossible. For instance, the thin flexible sheet camera could be wrapped around a lamp post to record 360-degree videos, around the outside of a car to help drivers see blind spots, or even used as a regular camera that fits into a wallet. Flexible sheet cameras can be wrapped around objects, like a lamp post or around a car. Or used as a regular camera. "If such cameras can be made at a low cost (ideally, like a roll of plastic sheet), they can be used to image the world in ways that would be difficult to achieve using one or more conventional cameras," the researchers say in a video about the tech (embedded above).

Why It's Still Worth Owning a Digital Camera

TIME - Tech

Make no mistake: The cameras in today's top-of-the-line smartphones can take some absolutely stunning images. The iPhone 7 (and particularly the 7 Plus, with its dual-lens system), the Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S7, just to name a few examples, are all highly capable shooters. For evidence of that, just take a peek at our iPhone 7 test in Utah's Zion National Park: Yet there is still only so much you can ask of a smartphone camera. Limitations in sensor size, lens technology and other factors mean that, barring some miraculous technological breakthrough, standalone cameras will always be more capable than our smartphones. That's particularly true in challenging conditions, like poorly lit rooms, or if you need a bunch of zoom for, say, shooting your child's soccer game.