This package implements the experiments described in the paper Countering Adversarial Images Using Input Transformations. It contains implementations for adversarial attacks, defenses based image transformations, training, and testing convolutional networks under adversarial attacks using our defenses. We also provide pre-trained models.

Data science with Python: Turn your conditional loops to Numpy vectors


Python is fast emerging as the de-facto programming language of choice for data scientists. But unlike R or Julia, it is a general purpose language and does not have a functional syntax to start analyzing and transforming numerical data right out of the box. So, it needs specialized library.

Florida Has a Competition to Hunt Pythons Because Florida


IN THE 1980s, a few Burmese Pythons slithered out of their cages and into the Florida Everglades. Today, thousands terrorize its forests and mangroves, gobbling up any unsuspecting animal--cranes, deers, even alligators--they can swallow. Florida is trying to fight it in a very Florida way: the Python Challenge. For about a month, local officials allow "python hunters" to tramp around 1.6 million acres of swamp and sawgrass to catch and humanely kill the scaly menace. It might sound like a backwoods bonanza, but the hunters are passionate about conservation.

The Python Test: Test your Python Skills! Udemy


Applying for a Python related job? or going for a Python certification? or Just curious about Python secret stuff? This course tests your Python skill and concepts in details. It points out your misunderstanding of topics. Thus, helping you better understand those topics. It helps you learn amazing Python trick by testing your Python knowledge.