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Delivery Driver Shot, Domino's Pizza Offers Reward

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Police spokeswoman Jamie Bastas says the Domino's reward is separate from any Crime Line reward money. Those who report through the Crime Line are also eligible for a reward and the information can be anonymous. Tips eligible for the Domino's reward are not anonymous.

Pizza Hut plans to hire roughly 14,000 new drivers this year

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File photo taken in 2012 shows a customer entering a Pizza Hut restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Special delivery: Pizza Hut says it will add about 14,000 new drivers by the end of 2017 in an effort to speed deliveries to customers. The hiring, combined with a new delivery system and enhanced online mapping, will enable Pizza Hut to "meet the needs of today's connected environment," the Plano, Texas-based company said Tuesday. "This focus and commitment to the best experience will hopefully help some customers re-assess the brand if they haven't tried us in a while or haven't had us deliver a pizza before," Nicolas Burquier, Pizza Hut's chief operating officer said in a statement issued with the announcement. "We think these changes enable our team members even more to deliver a hot, delicious Pizza Hut pizza when the customer expects it."

Two boys tried to steal pizza delivery car but could not drive stick, cops say

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Miguel Garcia [left] and Rojelio Sebastian [right] attempted to steal a Domino's pizza delivery driver's car. Two Florida boys attempted to take their food to go last week but didn't get very far. Rojelio Sebastian, 14, and Miguel Garcia, 12, were busted last week after attempting to steal a Domino's delivery man's car but their plan foiled upon learning the car was a stick shift, the Miami Herald reported. The boys attempted their plan last Friday after a Domino's delivery driver, Issac Javier Ortez, was bringing a pie to Garcia's neighbor. Ortez left his car running in the driveway as he went to make his delivery.

Pizza Al Fresco: Domino's Will Deliver to Beaches, Parks

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Delivery is a key part of the company's business, and it has been aggressive in making it easy to order through tweets, text messages and Amazon's voice-activated Echo. But competition has grown from other fast-food chains that are offering more delivery options. McDonald's has a deal with online service UberEats, and the parent company of KFC and Taco Bell recently teamed up with Grubhub to expand delivery.

Domino's sadly gives up on reindeer pizza delivery plans for Christmas


Those reindeer turned out to be a lot harder to train than Domino's had anticipated. The American pizza company announced on Thursday it was abandoning its plans to use reindeer to deliver pizzas in Japan for Christmas. Domino's had made a big announcement last week saying it was preparing a fleet of reindeer-pulled carriages to deliver pizzas over the holidays in wintry parts of Japan. But in its latest statement [Japanese], the company has had to backtrack on this promise, saying it was "difficult to control" the reindeer. It's even released a video showing its staff in Hokkaido scampering after a reindeer running zigzag away from them, as the delivery app tracking the reindeer shows a corresponding icon running wildly over the map.