Porn star Christiana Cinn says Domino's Pizza delivery driver offered her $200 for sex

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Christiana Cinn alleges a Domino's driver attempted to proposition her for sex following a pizza delivery last month. A porn star alleges a Domino's Pizza driver delivered her a proposition for sex following her pizza delivery, but the pizza chain says the adult fim star has her facts wrong. Christiana Cinn, 28, said she was staying at a hotel in Milwaukee on Feb. 24 when she got hungry and decided to order a pizza from the chain, The Blast reported. Christiana Cinn ordered a pizza from Domino's while staying in a Milwaukee hotel room. A few hours after her pizza was delivered, Cinn received a text message from a number she did not recognize.

Delivery Driver Shot, Domino's Pizza Offers Reward

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Police spokeswoman Jamie Bastas says the Domino's reward is separate from any Crime Line reward money. Those who report through the Crime Line are also eligible for a reward and the information can be anonymous. Tips eligible for the Domino's reward are not anonymous.

Domino's New Pizza Delivery Boxes Are Weirdly Clever


I've never noticed this before, but Domino's Pizza has a nice logo. One half is red, and has one pip, and the other half is blue and has two pips. Branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie has rightfully taken notice, and created a new design scheme for Domino's Pizza boxes, based on its clever logo. Now, each pizza box is a solid color, with one or a couple of pip-dots on it. This stratagem really only makes sense when you have two boxes that, together, form one domino, but that's not a problem: JKR did some research and learned that, in the United Kingdom, 96 percent of the pizzas Domino's sells are sold as a pair, thanks to the pizza chain's propensity for offering two-for-one combo deals.

Two boys tried to steal pizza delivery car but could not drive stick, cops say

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Miguel Garcia [left] and Rojelio Sebastian [right] attempted to steal a Domino's pizza delivery driver's car. Two Florida boys attempted to take their food to go last week but didn't get very far. Rojelio Sebastian, 14, and Miguel Garcia, 12, were busted last week after attempting to steal a Domino's delivery man's car but their plan foiled upon learning the car was a stick shift, the Miami Herald reported. The boys attempted their plan last Friday after a Domino's delivery driver, Issac Javier Ortez, was bringing a pie to Garcia's neighbor. Ortez left his car running in the driveway as he went to make his delivery.

Domino's sadly gives up on reindeer pizza delivery plans for Christmas


Those reindeer turned out to be a lot harder to train than Domino's had anticipated. The American pizza company announced on Thursday it was abandoning its plans to use reindeer to deliver pizzas in Japan for Christmas. Domino's had made a big announcement last week saying it was preparing a fleet of reindeer-pulled carriages to deliver pizzas over the holidays in wintry parts of Japan. But in its latest statement [Japanese], the company has had to backtrack on this promise, saying it was "difficult to control" the reindeer. It's even released a video showing its staff in Hokkaido scampering after a reindeer running zigzag away from them, as the delivery app tracking the reindeer shows a corresponding icon running wildly over the map.