New technologies are accelerating drug development, bringing hope to patients


In 2001, when Jamie was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), a cancer that starts inside the bone marrow, the disease had few effective cures. Fourteen years later, thanks to advances in cancer treatment, she is able to manage the disease and live a full life. Jamie is profiled in the Yet many patients and their doctors wait for years before promising treatments become available. All too often, unforeseen side effects send researchers back to the drawing board, just when they thought they were close to bringing a new medication to market.

HP Inc.Voice: The Fusion Of Physical And Digital Worlds Will Improve Experiences And Inspire New Technology

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When Worlds Collide, the 1951 Sci Fi film, painted a rather gloomy vision of the future of mankind on earth. However, the prospects for blended reality, in which the physical and digital worlds collide, couldn't be more promising. By fusing the virtual and real worlds, the possibilities are endless. By eliminating filters and limitations, blended reality enables expression at the speed of thought to improve experiences and inspire new technology. Using healthcare as an example, blended reality has significant implications for more personalized care, prevention and treatment by converging human biology, real-world context and technology advancements.

'More pockets for gadgets!'

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From gender-neutral bots to period-friendly healthcare trackers, cars with more storage and clothes with bigger pockets - the world could be a very different place if there were more women working in tech. We asked a group of women who are working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) how the world might be compared to now, if more women were present in these male-dominated industries. Now in its sixth year, the annual celebration of women working in Stem is named after the woman regarded as the world's first computer programmer - Ada Lovelace - because of her work with inventor Charles Babbage on his idea for an "analytical engine" in the 1800s. "If there were more women working in bots & Artificial Intelligence (AI), women wouldn't be an afterthought when building new technology. "Early voice recognition software didn't always recognise female voices, because none of the developers had been female and no-one thought to test out the technology on women (Car safety failed to take into account female anatomy - female-sized crash test dummies were only enforced in the US in 2011).

For People With Disabilities New Technology Can Be Life Changing

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Paul Herzlich works in Google's legal department and helped develop a special sensor for "pressure sores" by those who use wheelchairs. Paul Herzlich works in Google's legal department and helped develop a special sensor for "pressure sores" by those who use wheelchairs. For most of us, eye tracking technology sounds interesting. Eye tracking allows users to move a cursor around a computer or mobile device simply by moving your eyes and head. Oded Ben Dov initially used eye tracking technology to develop a video game that he showed off on Israeli TV.

Here's How Artificial Intelligence Could Cure Cancer


Will we cure cancer using artificial intelligence? Microsoft is one of the growing number of major technology companies betting on it. The company announced Monday the efforts of its various research labs that are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other computer science to help doctors research, diagnose, track, and potentially cure various types of cancer. Microsoft is effectively using artificial intelligence to solve a very human problem. One team is helping oncologists use natural language processing to sift through cancer research.