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Dutch investigators to give results of MH17 criminal probe

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Thomas Schansman, father of the only U.S. citizen killed in the July 2014 disaster, said he expects investigators to identify which specific weapon they believe destroyed flight MH17, and where it was fired from. He said family members do not expect investigators at this stage to name the people they believe were responsible.

AG Must Pay Bulk of Tab to Send Investigator to Mexico

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A St. Louis judge will allow lawyers for a man accused of a two-state murder spree to send an investigator to Mexico to research the man's childhood and background, and he has ordered the Missouri attorney general's office to pay most of the cost.

Mother Says Slain American U.N. Investigator Was 'Not Afraid to Die'

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Michael Sharp was raised in Indiana and learned from his Mennonite Christian faith the core values of peace building and nonviolence, his 62-year-old mother said. After studying history in college, Michael headed to Germany, where he volunteered and then earned a master's degree in international conflict resolution.

Investigators: Judge Resolved at Least 13 Cases Improperly

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Jacobson shocked Iowa's legal community in November when he acknowledged during a deposition in a divorce case that he often requested attorneys for the winning sides of cases to write up proposed language and email it to him. He said he'd made such requests at least 200 times in his 16 years on the bench, estimating he'd overseen about 2,000 cases.

Investigators: Fatal South Carolina Not Suspicious

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The Post and Courier of Charleston reported that investigators in Mount Pleasant released said Wednesday they have not been able to determine a cause for the last Saturday. Fire Chief Mike Mixon Jr. said investigators have not ruled out an electrical malfunction.