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The Best Tech Innovations Of The Last Three Years

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It seems like there is a new innovation produced nearly every day. Technology has changed the way business is done and has enabled many people to reach goals and try new things that they've never done before. So which recent technological innovations are the most impressive? Eleven members of Forbes Technology Council shared their responses. The answers varied, but there is a consensus that high technology has transformed our lives and made many new businesses and achievements possible.

Does diversity breed innovation?


If diversity breeds innovation, and innovation is predictive of success, do underrepresented scientists generate more novel innovations? To compare minority and majority scholars' rates of scientific novelty, Hofstra et al., used machine learning to analyze a population of 1.2 million U.S. doctoral recipients to identify scientific innovations, investigate the rates at which these innovations get taken up by others, and examine the impact these innovations have on scientific careers. Results show that rewards are similar for low-impact innovation; however, as impact novelty increases, minority contributions become devalued and are taken up at lower rates. This study reveals a stratified system in which minorities need to innovate at higher levels to achieve similar levels of career success, further stressing the critical need to address biases in research evaluation and publication.

Innovation Programs


VOICE is an internal, global internal innovation tournament that empowers all employees to develop ideas in response to "game-changing" science and business challenges. Employees who have their ideas selected go on to build cross-functional teams, develop refined proposals and execute their business plans. Throughout the process, teams receive mentorship and training to most effectively move their proposals forward. VOICE reinvigorates Vertex's culture with an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages employees to become change makers who can contribute to the direction of the company and help advance our goal of discovering cures for serious diseases.

How To Create A Culture Of Innovation Beyond The Sticky Note

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Corporate leaders often talk about creating a'culture of innovation' within their companies. When having these conversations, they often act as if organizational culture is some mythical creature that comes down from the mountain to greet the people. Most leaders are unaware of their power to change the culture of their companies and instead find themselves imitating trends and fads. Most of what is considered'innovation culture' is'innovation theatre'. Having rooms with business model canvases, sharpies and sticky notes is not innovation culture.