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The flashback is a well-known storytelling device used to invoke surprise, suspense, or fill in missing details in a story. Film literature provides a deeper and more complex grounding of flashbacks by explaining their role to stimulate the viewer's memory in order to guide and change viewer comprehension. Yet, in adapting flashback mechanisms to AI storytelling systems, existing approaches have not fully modelled the roles of a flashback event on the viewer's comprehension and memory. To expand the scope of AI generated stories, we propose a formal definition of flashbacks based on the identification of four different impacts on the viewer's beliefs. We then establish a cognitive model that can predict how viewers would perceive a flashback event. We finally design a user-evaluation to demonstrate that our model correctly predicts the effects of different flashbacks. This opens great opportunities for creating compelling and temporally complex interactive narratives grounded on cognitive models.

Birstall blast widower 'gets flashbacks of wife's cries for help'

BBC News

A man whose wife died after their house exploded a year ago said he has flashbacks of her crying "get me out" while he was stuck under rubble. Janet Jasper, 79, died in hospital after the blast, which happened when a cooker spark ignited leaking gas. About 50 homes in Birstall, Leicestershire, were damaged in the explosion on 11 December 2017. John Jasper, 81, who had lived with his wife in the house since the 1960s, said it had been the "worst year ever". Mr Jasper said: "When they found me under the plaster board I looked back at what was left of my house and I just couldn't believe I had come out of that house virtually unscathed. "I realised I'd got nothing.

Six flashbacks that unlocked a man's memory, and the 80s song that helped

BBC News

A car crash erased Thomas's memory - 10 years later, a 1980s pop song triggered six flashbacks.

TIFF flashback!

Los Angeles Times

On Sept. 8, the 40th Toronto International Film Festival will kick off, and with it the annual awards-season derby that will end with the Academy Awards next February. Over the course of 10 days, Times journalists will be on the ground in Canada, bringing us their first impressions of many of the films that will shape the Oscar race, as well as exclusive interviews, videos and photo shoots with their writers, directors and stars. Toronto is where the awards race picture begins to take shape – we'll help bring it into focus.

The Morning After: Mario Flashback


This month arrives with a slew of new Macs, and we'll explain how you can tell them apart even when their specs seem similar at first glance. Also, Google employees around the world are protesting, and Twitter is making it easier to get a chronologically ordered timeline. What if Nintendo gave Mario the'Sonic Mania' treatment?'Super Mario Flashback' is a stunning pixel art fan game A beautiful fan game called Super Mario Flashback will reinterpret levels from many different Mario games. These include the original Super Mario Bros. and three-dimensional adventures such as Super Mario 64.