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Using Predictive Analytics to Recruit Top Talent


Historical data can be an authoritative source of intel for a company looking to make smarter and faster decisions. When efficiencies are possible, it's best to use the tools available to achieve them. Today's recruiters need a more efficient workflow, which is driving the advancements being made in hiring tools, including the introduction of predictive analytics. In recent years, predictive analytics have become an essential tool for any recruiter looking to acquire top talent. Predictive analytics (PA) is the use of historical data to make better decisions for the future using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Apply AI to your sourcing efforts and fast-track your candidate pipeline


Attracting top talent is vital within any company or organisation. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 75% of employers admitted to having made a poor hiring decision, resulting in a loss of nearly US$15,000 per bad hire. In today's world, finding the right talent that will stick may seem more difficult than first imagined. Why wait for candidates to come to you when you could find them before you even click on a job ad template? As a recruiter, you could be sourcing your candidates and choosing who you add to your talent pipeline, instead of candidates deciding whether to engage with you.

Arjun Pratap, Founder & CEO, EdGE Networks


Arjun Pratap is founder and Chief Executive Officer at EdGE Networks. Fueled by the vision to build innovative, future-focused HR technology solutions – which re-engineer Human Resource Management to positively impact business outcomes – Arjun leads EdGE Networks to be a disruptor in the skill development space. Prior to EdGE Networks, Arjun worked with organizations such as SpeedERA Networks and Akamai Technologies, where he was responsible for building their India and international businesses. He also headed the sales function at Dexler Information Solutions to provide strategic direction in building the company. Arjun holds a post graduate degree in Information Systems and International Business, from The University of Sydney, Australia.

HiringSolved Integrates With SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Software T


HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, today announced a new software integration partnership with SmashFly Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing platform provider. HiringSolved's TalentFeed Recruiting Automation Platform has been integrated with SmashFly's Total Recruitment Marketing Platform to help enterprise recruiters increase efficiency by using AI to automatically bring qualified contacts into targeted talent pipelines who can then be nurtured for current and future job opportunities. HiringSolved's TalentFeed platform combines recent technological advances in artificial intelligence, real-time web crawling, data mining, and machine learning ─ enabling both inbound and outbound candidates to be matched to jobs automatically in seconds. SmashFly's award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform proactively markets an employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel (including career sites, social and email) while building meaningful relationships with talent leads in the customer's talent pipelines using marketing automation technology and modern marketing practices. The combination of the two software platforms makes it easier and faster to source, manage and nurture prospective candidates − HiringSolved's AI-based system automatically discovers, qualifies and matches candidates to jobs for subsequent personalized engagement via SmashFly's automated candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities.