These are our favorite true wireless earbuds that aren't AirPods

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Of all the AirPod alternatives I've used, the Jabra Elite 65t are by far my favorite for three reasons: their slim, well-fitting design, their fantastic sound quality, and their long-lasting battery life. Unlike bigger, chunkier AirPod alternatives, the Elite 65t earbuds sit close to the ear, giving them a subtle look. They come with multiple silicone tips for ears of all shapes and sizes, and if you manage to secure a good fit, the isolation is superb. While not the best-sounding buds we've tested, Jabra's truly wireless earbuds perform at a high level, in part due to their ability to create a tight seal. I'm consistently impressed, too, by how bass-friendly these buds are--if you're looking for rich, full sound, there aren't too many wireless earbuds that offer better performance than this.

The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds Are Great Airpod Alternatives, Now 57% Off


With their intuitive, practical simplicity, the Cresuer Touchwave Wireless Earbuds are unique from other similar products in that they incorporate everything a discerning set of earbuds should. Features that you need, such as CVC Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth 4.1 are readily available, and those that you don't need, like complex button arrays and extra weight, are just not there. What you get, then, is a lean, mean set of terrific-sounding wireless earbuds for less than half their original price: $42.99 versus $99.99, or 57% off retail. Cresuer Touchwave Wireless Earbuds deliver excellent sound through the latest technology for an incredible limited-time offer of $42.99.

These wireless earbuds last up to 50 hours and are way cheaper than AirPods


If you can't ride the subway, trek to your local coffee shop, or even go outside to grab the mail without seeing someone wearing a pair of AirPods, well, get used to it. One analyst predicts Apple will ship 50 to 55 million pairs of its earbuds this year, 70 to 80 million units in 2020, and 100 to 110 million units in 2021. Because of their ubiquity, lots of people assume that AirPods are the best wireless earbud option on the market. The Brio True Wireless Earbuds boast similarly advanced features, more hours of listening time, and even a better price point. You might've seen the Brios mentioned on Mashable before, but here's a quick refresher: They combine rich, balanced audio with a sleek, stylish design that won't tie you down with cords or wires.

You'll be able to buy individual replacement AirPod earbuds after all


Apple's new 159 wireless AirPod earbuds attracted instant backlash after their announcement with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 at the company's big fall event on Wednesday. Even though the wireless earbuds come with a carrying/charging case, the chances of losing one of them is high -- same as with any cable-free wireless earbuds. But there is good news! Apple has confirmed to Mashable it will sell individual replacements "through normal service channels." SEE ALSO: 9 things Apple didn't tell you about iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and AirPods How much will individual replacement AirPod earbuds cost?

Get These $100 AirPod Alternatives For Just $37 Today


Some offer great sound but are uncomfortable; others are lightweight but have wires that get in your way. And, if you find a set that's perfect, they tend to cost an arm and a leg--unless you're looking at AirTaps True Wireless Earbuds. They offer features that you'd only find in expensive earbuds but, at just $36.99, are far more economical. They produce powerful Bluetooth sound, are lightweight enough to be worn comfortably for long periods, and they're completely wireless so you can wear them through any activity. Combine these specifications with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, a waterproof design, and long battery life and you've got a set of earbuds that'll satisfy virtually every need.