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This smart printer works with Alexa--but do you need it?

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Scanning apps and smart styluses have replaced many of the features of multifunction printers, but even the fanciest app can't produce a picture to hang on the wall or a contract you can sign with ink. Even in this digital age, there are plenty of uses for printers, and they're now more technologically advanced than ever. HP's Tango X, for example, can print wirelessly, order its own ink, and even print documents you request via a voice command. It has a lot of fancy features, but are they really useful? We spent some time with the Tango X to find out.

A look at the 3D printer that made a 'Colony' alien come to life


Last week's season finale of USA Networks' Colony was an emotional, cliffhanger-filled adventure. But behind the scenes, it was anything but a small feat to make happen. In fact, the show's alien alone took hours of artistry, hard work, and a badass 3D printer to bring to life. The MakerBot Replicator Z18 was the machine used to create the individual pieces of the alien suit, that were then detailed and finished by a group of artists. The process is detailed in the video above, which you're seeing first on Mashable.

How far home printing has come in fewer than four decades will astound you


Whether you're an aspiring novelist who goes through reams of paper printing 18 versions of your latest manuscript, a student racing to finish a last-minute paper, or a design professional fiddling with various layouts for a piece of print collateral, there are a variety of scenarios in which home printing technology is a godsend in our modern day and age. Today, we take the ability to print documents easily and in the comfort of our own homes for granted. But even as recently as 30 years ago, home printing was considered a luxury -- and 50 years ago, it was unheard of. Let's dig into the evolution of this highly useful technology, and how it has made its way into our homes and (printed) history books. You probably learned about Gutenberg, the printing press, and the birth of commercial printing in school -- but the history of home printing is less well-known.

HP makes its enterprise 3D printer splash, available for preorder starting at 133,000


In a move that was telegraphed nearly 18 months ago, HP launched its 3D printing system and a bevy of partners. The 3D printing system, dubbed the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, is designed for additive manufacturing and the enterprise. The system will go head-to-head with rivals such as Stratasys and 3D Systems. The 3D printing market has slowed given economic turmoil globally and the buying pause ahead of HP's entry to the market. When you look at the industries that 3D printing is destined to disrupt in the future, the list is long and distinguished.

Library Axes 3-D Printers Amid Concerns Over Printing Guns

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Broward County libraries made the decision Monday a week after a man was shot outside a downtown Fort Lauderdale library. The Sun Sentinel reports the printers have been in use at Broward libraries for about four years, but visitors could not use the printers on their own. They had to submit their request and the staff would do the actual printing.