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AI Reinventing Banks and Banking


The evolution of financial systems has been a long but interesting journey characterised by sudden changes in underlying technology. Retail banking in Africa is far from where it should have been never followed the natural progression any ways.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market by Demands, Supply, Consumption and Growth Report - Cryptocurrency News


Global Artificial Intelligence in Medicine market research is an in depth study providing colete analysis of the industry for the period 2019–2025. To begin with the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market report which covers market characteristics, industry structure and commutative landscape, the problems, desire concepts, along with business strategies market effectiveness. Description: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market (Request Sample Here) are utilized to store short-lived items to expand the time span of usability and keep up the quality and freshness of items. Asia Pacific represented the biggest offer of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market in 2019, infer able from quick urbanization and the extension of retail channels. The real nations that contribute fundamentally to the development of the Asia Pacific district are China, Japan, India, and Australia and New Zealand.

Victor Famubode: The political economy of technology and artificial intelligence in Africa - The ScoopNG


From driverless cars to online financial infrastructure payments, Artificial Intelligence obviously will be the heart of the next industrial revolution. The wave of globalisation and democracy cannot be overlooked regarding their contributions steering policy integration. Both concepts will play vital roles towards integrating the African continent under an umbrella perceived to end humanity (Artificial Intelligence). The rise of machines and robotics in high-income economies has been a contested discourse by philosophers, economists, tech geeks and policy makers. There is a rising belief it would steal jobs and render humanity useless and even economists seem not to be certain about the relevance of labour in this period.

Informledge System: A Modified Knowledge Network with Autonomous Nodes using Multi-lateral Links Artificial Intelligence

Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence is continually progressing to simulate the human knowledge into automated intelligent knowledge base, which can encode and retrieve knowledge efficiently along with the capability of being is consistent and scalable at all times. However, there is no system at hand that can match the diversified abilities of human knowledge base. In this position paper, we put forward a theoretical model of a different system that intends to integrate pieces of knowledge, Informledge System (ILS). ILS would encode the knowledge, by virtue of knowledge units linked across diversified domains. The proposed ILS comprises of autonomous knowledge units termed as Knowledge Network Node (KNN), which would help in efficient cross-linking of knowledge units to encode fresh knowledge. These links are reasoned and inferred by the Parser and Link Manager, which are part of KNN.



UN Habitat in partnership with BitHub Africa are announcing a two-day Hackathon event which aims to increase youth participation in decision making processes and achieving transparency and accountability the local county government level. The Hackathon is scheduled to happen on October 6th and 7th 2017. Local Entrepreneurs, Developers and Designers will help find new ways that ICT solutions can be adopted and used by local county government in partnership with UN Habitat to increase transparency, accountability and collaboration. Participants are encouraged to utilize Blockchain, AI, IOT and Social Media digital tools. All applications will be accepted from 26 September to 4th October, 2017.