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Cyber attack: Hackers used everday devices to cause major internet outages

The Independent - Tech

A major cyber offensive that brought down internet behemoths Twitter and Paypal is thought to have been launched by hackers using common devices such as webcams, baby monitors and digital recorders. In a huge breach of global internet stability, hackers brought down well-known sites including Netflix, Twitter, Paypal and Spotify. The widespread disruption was the result of a coordinated assault on some of the underlying infrastructure that powers the Internet. Dyn, one of several companies responsible for hosting the crucial web directory known as the Domain Name System (DNS), suffered a sustained so-called "distributed denial of service" (DDoS) attack, leading many people intermittently to lose access to specific sites or to the Internet entirely. Attackers overwhelmed the system using hundreds of thousands of devices that had been infected with malicious code to creat a "botnet", Dyn said it had fought off a number of different attacks throughout Friday.

Amazon Web Services: Cloud unit that powers the internet helps online retailer get record profits

The Independent - Tech

Nasa has announced that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars. Scientists have long speculated that Recurring Slope Lineae -- or dark patches -- on Mars were made up of briny water but the new findings prove that those patches are caused by liquid water, which it has established by finding hydrated salts. Several hundred camped outside the London store in Covent Garden. The 6s will have new features like a vastly improved camera and a pressure-sensitive "3D Touch" display

Apple Pay could help you buy stuff on the web this year


Apple Pay may soon make web-based commerce less of a hassle with the ability to pay by fingerprint. Unnamed sources told Recode that Apple Pay is headed to Safari for iOS in time for the holiday shopping season. Instead of making people fill out credit card forms, websites that support Apple Pay will let shoppers scan their fingerprints using TouchID on an iPhone or iPad. An announcement could come during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, which usually takes place in June. Apple already supports TouchID payments in mobile apps such as Target and Best Buy.

Internet down for many as huge cyber attack stops Reddit, Spotify, Twitter and other sites from working

The Independent - Tech

Much of the internet appears to be broken. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack has taken down systems run by Dyn, Inc, one of the largest providers of internet services in the world. And as a result it seems to be causing problems for a variety of websites – including Reddit, Spotify and Twitter. Dyn runs domain name servers or DNS. They work as a phone book or map to the internet, making sure that when someone writes an address into their computer or phone, it can be directed to the right place and show the right information.

Google will not place its ads on sites distributing fake news


Google plans to update its AdSense program policies to prevent placement of its ads on sites distributing fake news. False news stories have become a sore point after the U.S. presidential elections with critics blaming internet companies like Twitter and Facebook for having had an influence on the outcome of the elections as a result of the fake content. The controversy also reflects concerns about the growing power of social networks to influence people and events, as well as help people to communicate and organize. Facebook promotes democracy by letting candidates communicate directly with people, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said recently in an interview. Google had its own embarrassing moments on Sunday with a false story that claimed that President-elect Donald Trump had won the popular vote in the U.S. presidential elections figuring atop some Google search results.