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Airports Are Taking Off

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Air travelers in Denver are treated to a solar-powered, covered parking lot, mini-golf, a nearby wildlife refuge and two on-campus commuter rail lines. In Dallas-Fort Worth, local authorities recently approved plans for a six-story, extended-stay hotel on an existing 32-acre, mixed-use commercial space that already has offices, restaurants and retail shops. In Pittsburgh, private businesses have invested several hundred million dollars for manufacturing, industrial, office and warehouse space on airport property – and aggressive efforts to bring more direct flights to Pittsburgh International Airport are attracting new types of business to this former steel town.

Weekend Discount Aims to Boost Ridership on Commuter Trains

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The $10 pass will offer unlimited rides on commuter rail for a weekend. The program was approved Monday by the governing board of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. It starts June 9 and runs through Labor Day weekend.

Employers Pressure Political Leaders on Detroit-Area Transit

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The coalition says metropolitan Detroit lags the nation in public transit and it hurt Detroit's unsuccessful bid for Amazon's second headquarters. The employers say "voters deserve an opportunity to determine the future of the region."

Group Pushes to Stop South Phoenix Light Rail Expansion

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Critics say the new line will hurt businesses along the planned route by removing car lanes and diminishing their customer base. The group also says the extension will bring crime to their neighborhoods.

One Man Killed in Japan Bullet Train Attack

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Japan's Shinkansen trains are known for their speed and safety. But in 2015, a passenger set himself on fire on one of the trains, killing himself and another passenger -- an incident that prompted the installation of cameras in train carriages.