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Mastering Python Udemy


This course takes you on a journey from the basics of operating in a Python development environment through to advanced topics and master-level techniques. It presents you with a guide to Python and its standard library, focusing on language and library elements that are particularly useful for tool authors and system programmers. We start off with the basics to set up a functioning environment, creating packages, and running them on the command line. Through our journey, we'll highlight the major aspects of managing our Python development environment, handling parallel computation, and mastering asynchronous I/O for improved performance of our system. Finally, we'll learn the secrets of metaprogramming and unit testing in Python arming you with the perfect skillset to be a Python expert.

Python Programming Professional Course Udemy


As you know, Python is quite an old language. But it was not that popular earlier. But, in recent days when analytics on BigData picked up it became a very popular language. This is very powerful programming language. Specially, finance and healthcare professionals started taking interest in this programming language reason being its analytical and mathematical capability.

Mastering Python - Second Edition Udemy


Python is one of the most powerful, flexible, and popular programming languages in the world. It comes with all new features in version 3.5. With Python, you can write code that is efficient, maintainable, and reusable. In this second edition of the course, we cover the basics of operating in a Python development environment as well as the advanced topics. We present you with real-world solutions to Python 3.5 and advanced-level concepts such as reactive programming and microservices, introduce ctypes and Cython tools.

This beginner-friendly Python coding bundle is just $39 this week


Interested in learning how to code? Then Python may be the perfect platform to start out with. It's beginner-friendly, it's still very relevant, and the training is affordable too -- Especially with online courses like The Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle, discounted to $39. The Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle is a web-based training package that introduces students to Python coding. It includes nine courses, each focusing on a different aspect of the platform, that will prepare students for real-world applications so they'll be ready to embark on a career.

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python


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