The Lenovo Smart Display looks like a tablet and acts like one, too


How do you make a smart speaker smarter? The Lenovo Smart Display is powered by Google Assistant and has video calling capabilities. Alix Aspe tried it out and has all the details on this week's episode of Power Up.

Fisher-Price built a stationary bike for your toddler


Who needs that mess when your kid can get all the exercise they need while exploring the Great Indoors? Here at CES, Fisher-Price debuted its Think & Learn Smart Cycle. If you think it looks like a tiny $150 SoulCycle bike with a tablet stand, you're right. According the to the company's surveys, preschoolers watch around 19 hours of video content a week and spend roughly 20 percent of their playtime using electronic devices. So why not let the little ankle-biters burn off some energy while playing with their gadgets on a slightly larger gadget?

The Morning After: AirPower is out and Genesis Mini is in


The Sega Genesis and iPad Mini are back, AirPower is out and Valve has a lot of news to share. If you need to catch up on everything Apple announced then look no further. Also, we drifted in a Lamborghini this week. It just seemed worth mentioning again. Not going to happen.Apple cancels AirPower after more than a year of delays While some theorized that we'd finally see AirPower this month, that was not to be.

5 Tips and Tricks For Using Your Amazon Kids Tablet


Handing your child a teddy bear with an embedded camera is a bad idea. But a kid-friendly tablet, with carefully curated content under direct parental supervision, is another thing altogether. Our recommended tablet for kids is the Amazon Fire HD 8 for Kids, which we reviewed earlier this year. Its parental controls and rugged design make it ideal for your tot, but there are five things you should look for when you set up your Amazon Fire for Kids device for the first time.

Amazon Announces New Fire HD 10 Tablet For Kids, Show Mode Charging Dock

International Business Times

Amazon has announced a couple of new devices: a new Fire HD tablets for kids and a charging dock that turns Amazon's tablets into Echo Show speakers. The new Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a lot like the Fire HD 8 and the HD 10 from last year in terms of design, except this is packing parental controls. The Kids Edition comes with a 10.1-inch 1080p full HD display and it will ship with a kid-proof rubber case that's available in blue, pink or yellow. Amazon is also including a two-year warranty so parents will be able to get it returned and replaced if their kids broke their device. Inside, the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is powered by a quad-core MediaTek processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB/64GB of onboard storage.