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Xbox beta testers can try the Xbox One UI redesign starting today


Microsoft is now rolling out the Xbox One August update, which refreshes some aspects of the user interface ahead of a major redesign that'll unify how the platform looks across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and mobile. Meanwhile, Xbox Insiders (or beta testers) will get their hands on that redesign starting today. The Guide landing page has a cleaner look, with a revamped layout that should make it easier to navigate between the likes of your dashboard, games and apps. Xbox newcomers will see more hints tailored towards them to help them understand pages in the Guide and how to use them. The Activity Feed is a little different too.

Apple's iOS 10 beta hints at lots of change - not all of it welcome

Washington Post - Technology News

Apple is releasing a new version of its mobile operating system this fall, bringing the company up to a nice round number: iOS 10. Ahead of launch, Apple is allowing anyone to test the software and give their feedback. First, I would not recommend that most people download this beta. Bugs are par for the course with all early software and could try the patience of those who don't test imperfect things for fun. Many apps behave strangely with the beta since it hasn't gotten its final polish yet.

iOS 11 Release: Design And Features, What's New With Update?

International Business Times

Apple released iOS 11 Tuesday, and with it came major changes to iPhones and iPads. The update comes with improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, Do Not Disturb and Maps. Here are some new changes on iOS 11. The update came with a new design for icons of many apps, including the Music App, App Store, Calculator, Messages, Contacts, Photos, iTunes Store, as well as Siri. The Messages app comes with a big "Messages" display on the top of the screen, and the apps to communicate on iMessage, like GIFs and games, are now aligned on the bottom of the screen when clicking on it to converse with contacts.

Samsung's Android 11 and One UI 3 rollout begins with the Galaxy S20


Samsung Galaxy S20 owners in Korea, the US and most European markets will soon get the Android 11-based One UI 3 software upgrade on their phones, if they haven't yet. The tech giant has started rolling out One UI 3 after a few months of public beta testing, and the update is making its way to the Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Ultra first. In the US, Verizon (owner of Engadget's parent company) has already released the system update with the new UI for the devices. Samsung says the update will also make its way to more regions and more models in the near future. The Galaxy Note20, Z Fold2, Z Flip, Note10, Fold and S10 series are getting One UI 3.0 in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A series is getting the upgrade within the first half of 2021, though what's supposedly a release schedule for Egypt posted on the Samsung Community page says the mid-range phones won't be getting access to the UI until August next year.

Facebook just replaced your desktop inbox with Messenger


Facebook has changed the way we read our private messages. In the latest update sure to stir up the user base -- even if it's just for a little while -- the social network appears to have ditched the old layout of its desktop website's inbox, replacing it with Facebook Messenger. SEE ALSO: It's now much harder to see if someone edited a Facebook post The move to Messenger, first spotted by TechCrunch, brings even greater uniformity to the overall Facebook user experience. Your inbox on is now identical to your inbox on the Facebook mobile app, the Messenger mobile app and the standalone Messenger website, complete with the chat-friendly options that come along with the service, like built-in emoji, sticker and GIF buttons, along with the more specialized commands, like payment and games. While chatting with friends from the Home screen remains the same, with a pop-up window for each conversation, the Inbox icon has been supplanted by Messenger's now-familiar circular blue logo.