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Ford Paves a Path From Big Automaker to Big Operating System


In its 114-year history, Ford has been many kinds of automaker. Now the company that helped put a car (or two) in every garage wants to be something else altogether: an operating system.

Forces of change: The future of mobility


The entire way people and goods travel from point A to point B is changing, driven by a series of converging technological and social trends: the rapid growth of carsharing and ridesharing; the increasing viability of electric and alternative powertrains; new, lightweight materials; and the growth of connected and, ultimately, autonomous vehicles. The result is the emergence of a new ecosystem of mobility that could offer faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer, more efficient, and more customized travel. While uncertainty abounds, in particular about the speed of the transition, a fundamental shift is driving a move away from personally owned, driver-driven vehicles and toward a future mobility system centered around (but not exclusively composed of) driverless vehicles and shared mobility. The shift will likely affect far more than automakers--industries from insurance and health care to energy and media should reconsider how they create value in this emerging environment. We believe a series of technological and social forces, including the emergence of connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles and shifting attitudes toward mobility, are likely to profoundly change the way people and goods move about.

Technology has the solution


I won't be very much surprised when I would say this but are we really devoting a much of our time, money or energy on our vehicles. After our houses, a car is the costliest thing where we like to invest our money in and that to which idly decreases as soon as we get them off road from the showroom. No, not just the money but these motors also don't allow us to breathe fresh air. Yes, I mean by polluting them and at the end of the journey they are with nothing but space we call parking. Let me tell you I'm not forgetting about the benefits too that is transportation but aren't these problems really a dilemma.