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5 Top Careers to pursue in Artificial Intelligence - SKILL MONKS


Today there is an exponential growth in the careers related to artificial intelligence because of the increase in the demands of digital industries. Many jobs are available in artificial intelligence, and also there is a shortage of top tech talent. Indeed, the recruitment site shows that there is a 200% increase in demand for AI skills during the past three years. There are varying Educational Requirements for seeking a Career in Artificial Intelligence but a bachelor's degree in mathematics / basic computer technology is a must. Machine Learning Engineers have a high demand and can get a median salary of $114,856 per annum.

What is AI? and what are the job roles coming with it?


Artificial Intelligence is making headlines almost every single day. Be it Robots serving food to COVID-19 patients or the drones used for aerial surveillance, AI is not ready to leave its center stage. And it won't cede the spotlight anytime soon. We can very well say that'there's virtually no major industry or organization left which is not using AI. Someway or other, they implement data-trained models of AI to effectively perform functions that often falls into the categories of machine learning or deep learning.

What Jobs Use Machine Learning? A Comprehensive Guide


Machine learning has recently begun to dominate the workforce, becoming one of the most in-demand skills in America. In fact, the US News money report ranked several machine learning careers among the best jobs for 2022. If you're considering a career in machine learning, you're in luck because there is a wide range of jobs that use machine learning. Machine learning skills are highly sought after in several industries, and for this reason, we have compiled a list of machine learning jobs and the steps you can follow to launch a successful career. Read on to find out what machine learning is, which career suits you, and how to achieve your machine learning career goals.

Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence: How to choose the right career path


How many times have you heard that data is the new oil and intelligent machines are the future? AI and Data Science are two skill-based career paths that have a lot of intersections. The building blocks of AI are primarily structured and unstructured data. Ideally, an AI professional should have a good understanding of data science, and a data science professional should be able to grasp the basic nuances of AI. Data Science is an enabling skill set that is used by multiple digital technologies and applications.

7 Fastest-Growing Job Roles In Data Science & How To Work Towards Them


In an industry that is experiencing a steady rate of job creation, data science itself has moved from just a buzzword to a strategic component in organisations. In addition to this, data scientists are increasingly taking on more strategic roles as organisations employ a product-centric view of data. It is a field that promises tremendous job growth and higher earning potential. Our latest research posits 97,000 jobs are available in this buzzing field. On the hiring end, there is a significant overall growth in jobs in the field.