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OrCam Technologies co-founder Amnon Shashua to speak at Sight Tech Global – TechCrunch


If the measure of progress in technology is that devices should become ever smaller and more capable, then OrCam Technologies is on a roll. The Israeli firm's OrCam MyEye, which fits on the arm of a pair of glasses, is far more powerful and much smaller than its predecessor. With new AI-based Smart Reading software released in July, the device not only "reads" text and labels but also identifies people by name and describes other important aspects of the visual world. It also interacts with the user, principally people who are blind or visually impaired, by means of an AI-based smart voice assistant. At the upcoming Sight Tech Global virtual event, we're pleased to announce that OrCam's co-founder and co-CEO, Professor Amnon Shashua, will be a featured speaker.

OrCam - Advanced Wearable AI Devices for the Blind Closing The Gap


The most advanced wearable assistive technology device for the blind and visually impaired, that reads text, recognizes faces, identifies products and more. Intuitively responds to simple hand gestures. Real time identification of faces is seamlessly announced. Small, lightweight, and magnetically mounts onto virtually any eyeglass frame. Tiny, wireless, and does not require an internet connection.

OrCam's MyEye Pro clips to glasses to help visually impaired people read and identify faces


OrCam, a company that makes products to aid accessibility for the visually impaired, has won a CES innovation award for its glasses-mounted MyEye Pro device. It aids the blind and visually impaired by reading out printed and digital text, recognizing people, identifying products, and more. OrCam took the prize in both the CES innovation accessibility and health and wellness categories. "We are living in uncertain times, yet... our users' challenges related to access have not stopped during the pandemic. If anything, they have intensified," said OrCam co-founder and co-chairman Prof. Amnon Shashua in OrCam's blog post.

OrCam MyMe – AI for Humans


Using the most advanced wearable AI-driven computer vision, the OrCam MyMe device instantly recognizes faces and tells you who is in front of you – in real time – by sending a notification to your phone or smartwatch. You can then tag and organize people in circles such as Work, Friends, and Family. Beyond individual interactions, the device keeps you aware of your ongoing social wellness and setting goals to strike the optimal balance of your most precious resource – your time. OrCam MyMe automatically scans and syncs a business card or name tag, or online friends – keeping you focused on the person while ensuring you can get in touch later. Instantly recall people you met at a meeting or social event – and never forget a face again.