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CNN's John Berman scolds Peter Navarro for using term 'China virus'

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Peter Navarro discusses if he regrets his critical editorial on Dr. Anthony Fauci CNN anchor John Berman had a contentious exchange with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro over his terminology of the coronavirus outbreak. Towards the end of a tense, lengthy interview on Wednesday morning, Navarro attempted to turn the tables on Berman by asking him a question. "The Chinese Communist Party infected this nation with a deadly virus," Navarro began while speaking in front of the White House. "No," Berman quickly reacted before Navarro asked why Americans are "fighting" amongst each other. "You may want to pose that question to me. I invite you to pose it to the guy sitting behind you. And I will say that this virus that is infecting the United States right now is--" The CCP virus," the Trump adviser said, grinning. "We let you say that once, Peter, please don't say it again on this show," Berman responded. "The China virus," Navarro repeated with a chuckle. "All right, Peter Navarro, we appreciate you being with us," the "New Day" anchor began wrapping up the interview. "I know what you're trying to do there.

WH trade adviser Navarro says Americans' anger at each other over pandemic 'continues to puzzle me'

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Peter Navarro, WH Trade Adviser, says the'left-wing' media is too politically correct to assign any blame to China over coronavirus Americans are directing their anger about the coronavirus pandemic toward their fellow Americans rather than at the Chinese Communist Party where it belongs, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told "Bill Hemmer Reports" Tuesday. "It continues to puzzle me eight months later, we know that China -- the Chinese Communist Party -- infected the United States with that virus," he said. "Yet, what we have now is a society seemingly divided against each other," he said. Navarro claimed America will be able to rebound quicker from the pandemic if all of the negative sentiments directed inwardly were instead sent toward the Beijing government. He added that for too long, China was only believed to be an economic threat to the United States due to job outsourcing and intellectual property theft by Chinese companies.

Trump trade adviser Navarro says US too reliant on overseas medical suppliers

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Peter Navarro, White House trade adviser, joins Judge Jeanine Pirro on'Justice.' America's supply chain and its dependence other countries for medicine and other essentials was part of the problem the U.S. faces during the coronavirus pandemic, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said Saturday night. "Our supply chains for medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment, it's spread out all over the world," Navarro told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on "Justice with Judge Jeanine." "And that works fine when there's no problem and you don't need [the imported items]," he added. "But check this out: We buy about $120 billion of medicines every year from the rest of the world. About 95 percent of them come in from about 20 countries. "Guess what, Judge?" he said. "Ten of those countries have already imposed some forms of export restrictions on things that we actually need." Pirro asked Navarro to list which items the U.S. needed most. "Personal protective equipment," he responded. "That's the front line for health care workers in order to take take this virus on," Navarro said. "And know what we have, Jeanine, is the full force, the federal government, the full power of private enterprise and the full cooperation of the American people as they practice their social distancing and do what needs to be done to fight the virus in their way." Navarro told Pirro the situation has "cost us lives" before saying he hoped the country would learn from what has transpired after the coronavius outbreak is over. "It's a situation where we found ourselves in many of our sectors in the economy, where we've off-shored our jobs, machine tools, electronics, steel, whatever it is.

China expert Pillsbury scolds Navarro over rhetorical shots at Beijing: 'I think that's a mistake'

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Hudson Institute Chinese strategy director Dr. Michael Pillsbury weighs in on rumors surrounding North Korea leader, China's coronavirus responsibility. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Pillsbury urged White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro to "modify'" his public comments about China Monday after Navarro accused China President Xi Jinping of "profiteering" from the coronavirus pandemic. "Peter ... is a friend of mine, I admire him," Pillsbury told "Bill Hemmer Reports," but added "for Peter to imply that Xi Jinping deliberately did all this, that's quite a split from the President of the United States." "I advise Peter to modify this," Pillsbury added.