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Structure-based AI tool can predict wide range of very different reactions


New software has been created that can predict a wide range of reaction outcomes but is also more flexible than other programs when it comes to dealing with completely different chemical problems. The machine-learning platform, which uses structure-based molecular representations instead of big reaction-based datasets, could find diverse applications in organic chemistry. Although machine-learning methods have been widely used to predict the molecular properties and biological activities of target molecules, their application in predicting reaction outcomes has been limited because current models usually can't be transferred to different problems. Instead, complex parameterisation is required for each individual case to achieve good results. Researchers in Germany are now reporting a general approach that overcomes this limitation.

'NBA 2K' League Week 1 Results: Boxscores, Highlights, Twitter Reaction, Analysis From Saturday

Forbes - Tech

The second day of the opening week of NBA 2K League's regular season is underway. There are 7 games on tap after three contests got things moving on Friday. Here is a look at the results and breakdown of every game. How is this for an early surprise? After looking like the least-prepared, ill-equipped team at the Tip-Off Tournament, Grizz Gaming came to the regular-season debut ready compete.

Sean Coughlan: What parents really mean about exam results

BBC News

There is something about exam results that brings out an irresistible need for parents to give advice to their teenage children. They can't stop themselves sharing their wisdom in these anxious moments. But it's delivered in code, a parent code, where you never say what you're thinking. Here's what parents really mean. Utterly damning, this translates as: "The results are a complete disaster, and your mother is upstairs crying neat gin over her Facebook page... but we're going to keep smiling, even if my fixed grin starts to look more like a medical condition."

Twitter reacts to the reality of President-elect Trump

Los Angeles Times

Election live updates: Trump defeats Clinton to become next president of U.S. The U.S. elected its 45th president today. In keeping with the volatile emotions of the evening, Twitter is continuing to churn out reactions to election results that have confirmed Donald Trump as President-elect. The tweets take two decidedly different tones, with some feeling as though the election results suggest something abysmal. Of course, where some Twitter users saw rain, others saw a rainbow and their reactions were as exuberant as could be expected.

British celebrities have very strong reactions to the U.S. election result


If ever you needed proof of just how closely the rest of the world has been following the U.S. election, just look at British Twitter. British celebrities have been active on Twitter throughout the 2016 campaign trail, and the big night itself was no exception. SEE ALSO: 9 times British Twitter narrated the U.S. election in glorious fashion At the beginning of the night, there was tense anticipation. One way or another, history will surely be made tonight. Let it be the good kind.