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Ericsson Launch New AI-based Operations Engine for Managed Services – Digivation


Ericsson has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based managed services offering for communications service providers – the Ericsson Operations Engine. The company's Senior Vice President, Head of Managed Services, Peter Laurin, says: "Networks are quickly becoming significantly more complex to operate as we introduce IoT and 5G at scale, and virtualize core networks, while aiming to enhance user experience at the same time. The Ericsson Operations Engine enables us to create sustainable differentiation for our managed services customers as it evolves operations from being network-centric to user experience-centric. It fundamentally changes our way of operating networks from reactive to proactive, leveraging data, automation and artificial intelligence." The solution according to the Swedish company is "an end-to-end managed services operating model that, through Artificial Intelligence, automation, and the power of data, reimagines network and IT operations, network design and optimization, and applications development and maintenance."

Orange signed deal with Ericsson for Managed Services Extension


In an extension of its current managed service contract, Ericsson has re-selected the Orange as its Managed Service Provider in Romania, Spain, Moldova, Belgium, and Slovakia supporting more than 40 million customers. The current three years contract can be extended to the five years in coming future, notes the announcement. As a part of the contract, Ericsson will offer a fully managed end to end operations service to assist the telecom in transforming its service operations. The partnership will also be going to see the deployment of the Ericsson Operations Engine, which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven operating model to enhance the customer user experience. The AI-powered managed services model helps firms to transform into predictive, proactive and data-driven organizations.

Enterprise Journey to Becoming Digital


Do you want to be a digital enterprise? Do you want to master the art of transforming yourself and be at the forefront of the digital realm? How can you change your business to achieve this? Derive new values for yourself, and find better and more innovative ways of working. Put customer experience above and beyond everything as you find methodologies to support the rapidly changing demands of the digital world.

Ericsson launches AI-based managed services offering


Ericsson has launched a new end-to-end AI-based managed services offering aimed at addressing operators' complexity challenges as they move towards the era of 5G and the IoT. The Ericsson Operations Engine harnesses artificial intelligence automation and data analytics to deliver a new approach to network design, optimization and operations. The engine is designed around a service centric business model based on targeted outcomes such as an enhanced customer experience, revenue growth or efficiency. Key features include the ability to predict up to 70% of sleeping cells 24 hours in advance, automate threat detection and management, and to create an AI-powered service desk capable of using AI and natural language processing to reduce ticket triage to as little as 40 seconds. "Networks are quickly becoming significantly more complex to operate as we introduce IoT and 5G at scale, and virtualize core networks, while aiming to enhance user experience at the same time," Ericsson SVP and head of managed services Peter Laurin said.

Journey Science in Telecom: Take Customer Experience to the Next Level


Journey Science, being derived from connected data from different customer activities, has become pivotal for the telecommunications industry, providing the means to drastically improve the customer experience and retention. It has the ability to link together scattered pieces of data, and enhance a telco business's objectives. Siloed approaches are becoming obsolete – take call centers as an example – there is only so much that you can do with data from only one system. By using insights from customer journey analytics, telco businesses can better measure the user experience, and make informed decision for refining it. The data not only allow them to take proactive approach towards customer satisfaction, but enable the prediction of future failures as well.