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Unspecified threat made against London-to-NJ flight

FOX News

A bomb threat was made against a flight from London that landed in New Jersey on Thursday, Fox News confirms. The bomb threat originated from a pay phone inside a terminal at Newark International Airport. Authorities are working to identify if the threat is credible. The FBI, Joint Terrorism Tast Force and bomb squad are on the scene. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police spokesman Joe Pentangelo says the flight, which is carrying 206 passengers and 13 crew members, arrived around 1 p.m. Thursday at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Stephen Hawking: Technological advances 'may destroy us all'

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Stephen Hawking cautions against global isolationism. Physicist Stephen Hawking is again raising the alarm that humankind needs to shape up if it hopes to survive. In an interview with The Times, Hawking reiterated that humankind faces a slew of threats ranging from climate change to mass species extinction. He noted that technological advances have helped humans achieve seemingly insurmountable feats, but may also lead to our demise. "Since civilization began, aggression has been useful inasmuch as it has definite survival advantages," he told The Times.

iPad bomb threat led to recent device ban on flights


If this is accurate, there's some precedent to justify the response: in 2016, a terrorist blew a hole in a Somali airliner with a "laptop-like" device. There's a mounting concern that attackers are once again finding creative ways to bring explosives aboard flights, and electronics are an obvious conduit. However, this also raises some questions. If there was a specific threat of a bomb-laden iPad, why are the American and British bans different? Why are France and other countries not implementing their own bans when they could also be targets?

EgyptAir Flight Lands in Uzbekistan After Bomb Threat

U.S. News

A bomb threat was called into the Cairo airport and the flight emergency landed the nearest airport – Urgench, Uzbekistan – after being in the air three hours. All 135 on board, 118 passengers and 17 crew, were evacuated and the plane was searched, but no bomb was found. Urgench is a city in western Uzbekistan, near the border with Turkmenistan.