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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Ultimate Course


Have you always wanted to learn how to do use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud but don't know where to start? Would you like to access data and bring your data to life? Then Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Ultimate Course is for you! Hi, I'm your instructor Josh Werner and I'll be leading you through this course. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is an in-demand skill in 2021.

Amazon Teaming With VMware Is the Latest Sign the Cloud Has Won


For years, Amazon and VMware represented the two dueling sides of the cloud computing wars. Amazon argued that the world's businesses should uproot themselves and move onto the cloud, while VMware insisted they should stay put in their own computer servers. But now, the two companies are teaming up. Starting next year, VMware's virtualization software will run on Amazon's cloud, letting VMware customers to manage virtual machines in Amazon's cloud with the same set of tools they use to manage VMs on their own servers. VMware will sell the new service, but it will dovetail with all sorts of existing Amazon cloud tools, like database and storage services.

Salesforce, AWS launch Amazon Connect integration with Service Cloud


Salesforce on Monday announced the general availability of Service Cloud Voice. The company is also expanding its partnership with AWS to offer customers pre-integrated Amazon Connect inside of Service Cloud. First announced at Dreamforce 2019, Service Cloud Voice aims to unify phone, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time, and through one centralized console. Service Cloud Voice also offers transcription capabilities to minimize data entry, and leverages AI for agent recommendations. With integrated cloud telephony via by Amazon Connect, Salesforce said the service will provide a more consistent phone support system for service providers.

The Cloud is the Future of Software Delivery - ReadWrite


On-premises software installation is taking its final breath. In just a short time, the cloud will completely dominate the software delivery market. Why are cloud computing delivery models so definitively poised for domination? They are simply more effective -- for the software provider and the customer -- than any other delivery method available. The benefits and applications are boundless, and more and more companies are leaning in and pushing their competitors to do the same.