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Sid Meier's Civilization 6 Is Coming to PC This October

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A new Civilization strategy game is in the works by long-time developer Firaxis. Surprisingly, the unveiling of Sid Meier's Civilization VI isn't some nebulous teaser for a game players won't get for another five years: The 60 title is coming out October 21, in just five short months. Sid Meier's Civilization VI doesn't seem like it's out to rock the boat. It will still fundamentally be a hex-based, turn-driven, history-themed strategy game. It will, once again, allow gamers to play as a famous leader (in opposition to various others) and take a stab at building an empire.

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In the past, Civilization's commitment to gradual change also held for the relationship between games in the franchise. Each new title has traditionally felt much like the last. Though I haven't played regularly since 1996's Civilization II, the basic gameplay mechanics felt familiar every time I checked in on the latest developments. At a launch event for the new game in Washington, D.C., lead designer Ed Beach said his team at Firaxis had largely thrown out the code libraries they'd developed for the series' fourth and fifth chapters, building it from the ground up. That was partly so they could introduce its most prominent innovation--more modular cities featuring distinct districts that players can build out as they advance.

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The Sid Meier's Civilization series of turn-based, strategic city simulators has been turning regular gamers into visionary, calculating, and occasionally bloodthirsty emperors since 1991. Here are the basics: gamers take the role of ruler and, starting with a tiny settlement, you build up your civilization into a mighty empire. Whether your reign is one of peace and enlightenment or one of terror and might is totally up to you. SEE ALSO: Dell's G7 15 gaming laptop is finally on sale for the first time ever The game blends a fun, propulsive pace with smart, addictive gameplay, and the series has evolved into one of the most unique experiences in video games--culminating with Civilization VI and its recent expansion, Rise & Fall. We've featured discounts on the main game in the past, but this rare bundle combines the latest versions of Civ VI and the expansion pack Rise & Fall to create a historically great deal -- just $48.45 with code SAVE15NOW.

6 Reasons Civilization 6 Sounds Totally Different From Past Games

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Civilization VI will be with us in five short months, unveiled Wednesday and already locked into an October 21 release, when PC gamers can grab it for 60. While the writeup off 2K's threadbare press release makes it hard to see what's worth getting excited about, having spoken with lead designer Ed Beach and gameplay designer Brian Feldges, I can say the game sounds less like a trickle of new ideas than a flood. "We've had five different games in this series, and Civilization V is still very popular. It still has tens of thousands of people a day playing it on Steam," says Ed Beach. "So we knew that we had to come up with an interesting angle for Civilization VI that would push the series in new directions and try out some things we hadn't tried before."

You Can Now Play Civilization IV On Your iPad -- and it's the Full Version

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The release of Sid Meier's Civilization VI for iPad took gamers by surprise Thursday, with the top-rated title appearing on a mobile device just over a year after its original release on PC. Mobile devices that run Android and iOS typically get watered-down versions of popular games -- if they even come to smartphones or tablets at all -- which makes a port of the full version of the latest Civilization game such a shock.