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Amid rumors that the iPhone 8 will incorporate advanced facial recognition features, the Hebrew-language website Calcalist (via Times of Israel) is reporting that Apple recently acquired Realface, an up-and-coming Israeli startup with impressive real-time facial recognition software. Lending credence to rumors that the iPhone 8 may forgo the use of Touch ID in favor of facial recognition, Realface's software is said to be sophisticated enough such that it can reliably be used as a foundation for mobile-based biometric authentication. As is often the case when Apple acquires a company, Realface's web presence has already been wiped from the web. Still, thanks to the magic of Google, we were able to poke around and dig up some intriguing nuggets of information about the company's promising technology. Realface boasts that it's AI software rests upon deep learning methods and is so reliable and quick that the end-result is an absolutely seamless user experience.

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The relationship between the human mind and body is something that has occupied philosophers at least since the father of modern philosophy, René Descartes, bequeathed his notorious "dualism" to his successors. Low-power machine vision company Movidius has teamed up with thermal imaging company FLIR Systems, bringing Artificial Intelligence capabilities to Boson, FLIR's latest thermal-imaging camera core. FLIR will now integrate the Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit into its thermal core to create the most intelligent thermal imaging solution to date. When artificial intelligence technology intersects with abundant oil and gas seismic data, the outcome could yield a more accurate depiction of what lies beneath the surface, enabling cash-strapped drillers to better target sweet spots and maximize returns.It's all based on algorithms that essentially teach computers how to solve complex problems-in this instance, how to quickly and accurately find subsurface faults that lead to lucrative hydrocarbon discoveries. In previous articles, we've talked about the merits of artificial intelligence and big data and how these technologies can enable a multitude of industries to begin learning how to do things more effectively.

Your iPhone can be unlocked by a HEDGEHOG

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To protect your devices, security experts often recommend having a backup method of authentication – but, they probably didn't mean your pet hedgehog. In an adorable new video, a hedgehog named Sashimi can be seen using her tiny paw to unlock an iPhone, successfully passing through the TouchID sensor. It works just like it would for a person, requiring the print be pressed multiple times onto the home button in order to capture its unique design. The Instagram-star Sashimi, of course, does this with some assistance from a human. Though adorable, the video also raises questions on the security of this feature.

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The Ring Video Doorbell is the world's first battery-operated, Wi-Fi enabled, HD video doorbell. The device enables homeowners to see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world by streaming live audio and video of a home's front doorstep directly to the free iOS or Android app. The doorbell's built-in motion sensors detect movement up to 30 feet, and HD video recording stores all recorded footage to the cloud which can be accessed via the Ring app. The Ring Doorbell is quick and easy to set up as it mounts and syncs in minutes and has a built in battery, however, it can also be powered through your existing doorbell wires. Over 11,000 people have reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon (read reviews) and have given it an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

How Facial Recognition is Shaping the Future of Marketing Innovation


Facial recognition technology is something that most of us take for granted. We've casually noticed that our smartphones now organize photos by people, or that Facebook somehow always knows the right friends to tag. But until recently, most people haven't realized that this technology is less of a "cool trick" and will actually significantly shape the way we do business in the next five to ten years. The technology is already being tested out in many different industries for vastly different purposes. For example, security scanners at the airport use it to allow e-passport holders to clear customs more easily; as facial recognition improves, Customs and Border Protection will be able to weed out travelers with fake passports more easily.