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The First Pick Podcast on Apple Podcasts


Kevin and Vince discuss the top 16 teams in the league 36 games into the season. The guys chat about the surprises and disappointments this far into the season.

"How to think about algorithms: Podcast 401" from The WIRED Podcast by Wired UK on Apple Podcasts


I had high hopes that the show would continue to excel after Nate's departure. Barring some production glitches, the transition went pretty smoothly, but lately the show seems to have lost its edge--the chemistry between the hosts. The new, somewhat irregular crew seems to be going through the motions. The stories seem less interesting (and more political), the pacing seems wrong, and production quality, particularly with regard to audio volume, has become inconsistent. I'm sad to say it, but this is one that I'll be dropping from my weekly regimen.

HIMSS SoCal Podcast by HIMSS SoCal on Apple Podcasts


We're all in our cars way too much these days and often miss out on conferences, webinars, etc. These podcasts give you the ability to catch up on the latest and greatest in HIT at YOUR convenience.

Plex now supports podcasts


Since its inception, Plex has been busy integrating multiple services into its media streaming software. Previous updates delivered curated news and virtual reality movies, but today the company is ready to welcome Plex Podcasts. The audio-centered feature is currently in beta, and accessible through iOS, Android, Roku and the web. As Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski previously confirmed, Plex Podcasts doesn't need a dedicated server to run. It's also free, helps contain all your media -- including photos, music, news and videos -- in one place, and doesn't make passive aggressive subscription requests.

The Rich Roll Podcast by Rich Roll on Apple Podcasts


I'm so grateful for this new podcast. I recently finished listening to the audiobook version of Rich's book, Finding Ultra, and wasn't sure what to do after it was over! I thought the book was absolutely fantastic, giving me much needed hope that I could make real changes in my life for the sake of better health. In fact, I found the book so inspirational that I wanted to hear (literally hear) more from Rich. So I listened to a bunch of interviews he's done on others' podcasts, all the while hoping he'd do his own.