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CES 2019: Discover some of the french AI startups - Actu IA


More than 420 French startups are showcasing their products and technologies at the CES. However, discovering those who focus on AI technologies might be difficult because they are mostly grouped by regional delegations. DC Brain: DC Brain works on AI applied to smart networks (smart grid, smart logistics,…). ESoftThings: ESoftThings develops products and platforms for autonomous vehicles and smart devices. Meero: Meero uses AI to automatically improve images and videos quality.

NXP Owns the Stage for Machine Learning in Edge Devices -


SAN JOSE, Calif. and BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (ARMTECHCON and IoT World Congress Barcelona) - Mathematical advances that are driving the historic growth of machine learning (ML) in the cloud are now within reach of edge node developers with NXP's eIQ edge intelligence software environment and customizable, system-level solutions for focused applications. The eIQ software environment includes the tools necessary to structure and optimize cloud-trained ML models to efficiently run in resource-constrained edge devices for a broad range of industrial, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and automotive applications. The turnkey, production-ready solutions are specifically targeted for voice, vision, and anomaly detection applications. By removing the heavy investment necessary to become ML experts, NXP enables tens of thousands of customers whose products need machine learning capability. "Having long recognized that processing at the edge node is really the driver for customer adoption of machine learning, we created scalable ML solutions and eIQ tools, to make transferring artificial intelligence capabilities from the cloud-to-the-edge even more accessible and easy to use," said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of microcontrollers.

Top 10 Speech Recognition Companies to Watch in 2020


Technology is invading in every sector. New inventions, innovation and devices are making life easier for everyone. Voice recognition technology is one such amazing initiative to look for in the growing innovation era. Voice recognition also known as speech recognition, is a computer software program or a hardware device with the ability to receive, interpreting and understanding voice and carry out commands. The technology unravels the feature to easily create and control documents by speaking, with the help of technology.

MCU works at 1 GHz, excels at machine learning apps Electrical Engineering News and Products


NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced the i.MX RT1170 family of crossover MCUs that combines unprecedented performance, reliability, and high levels of integration to propel industrial, IoT and automotive applications. The NXP i.MX RT1170 family reinforces the Company's commitment to advance edge computing with its EdgeVerse portfolio of solutions and marks a technology breakthrough with MCUs that run up to 1GHz while maintaining low-power efficiency. Additionally, to achieve an optimal balance of power, performance, and cost-effective integration, the solution uses advanced 28nm FD-SOI technology, making NXP the first company to build MCUs in this advanced technology node. The i.MX RT1170 MCU features include: a dual-core architecture with the Arm Cortex -M7 core running up to 1GHz and Cortex-M4 running up to 400MHz, 2D vector graphics core, NXP's pixel processing pipeline (PxP) 2D graphics accelerator, and EdgeLock 400A, the Company's advanced embedded security technology. Moreover, it is architected to deliver a record-setting 12ns interrupt response time, 6468 CoreMark score and 2974 DMIPS while executing from on-chip memory.