What Does 'Self-Care' Mean Amid a Barrage of News and Social Media?


It was late last year, around mid-September, when I finally surrendered to the fatigue. The months preceding had been besieged by nonstop work, paralyzing anxiety, and what felt like a gushing waterfall of stress. I was 30, and like a handful of friends who'd shared comparable stories, felt increasingly and exponentially overwhelmed by the dizzying pace I thought I needed to maintain in order to succeed at adulthood.

'Self-harm was made to sound poetic'

BBC News

Health Secretary Matt Hancock meeting the head of Instagram to talk about what social media companies should be doing to stop young people viewing images of suicide and self-harm.

Addressing Social Barriers to Keep Patients Out of Hospitals

U.S. News

Under the Health Enterprise Zones Initiative, Maryland allocated about $15 million across the five "zones" between 2013 and 2016, with the money used by county health departments, hospitals and their partners to address primary care shortages and social barriers to health, such as transportation and access to healthy food. Some communities have shuttered or adjusted their programs since the funding expired, but advocates say new research on savings to the state's health care system makes the case for investing in such hyperlocal interventions.

Almost everything we know about social media and health could be wrong

New Scientist

Most studies into the effects of social media use and screen time are badly flawed. This is because researchers use surveys to find out people's technology use, but how much we think we spend glued to our devices and how much we actually use them are almost completely unrelated. Researchers have used self-reported surveys to justify claims like increasing smartphone use is causing teenage suicide and a drop in sexual activity.

Instagram moves beyond its all-or-nothing approach to comments


Instagram already has tools to filter your comments, but sometimes that's just not enough. What if you're tired of comment spam, or just don't like that creep who tries to flirt with you on every post? You can finally do something about it outside of reporting individual users. Instagram is rolling out comment tools that give you tight control over who can leave feedback on your photos and videos. So long as your account is public, you can set broad controls (such as limiting comments to people you follow).