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What Does 'Self-Care' Mean Amid a Barrage of News and Social Media?


It was late last year, around mid-September, when I finally surrendered to the fatigue. The months preceding had been besieged by nonstop work, paralyzing anxiety, and what felt like a gushing waterfall of stress. I was 30, and like a handful of friends who'd shared comparable stories, felt increasingly and exponentially overwhelmed by the dizzying pace I thought I needed to maintain in order to succeed at adulthood.

'Self-harm was made to sound poetic'

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock meeting the head of Instagram to talk about what social media companies should be doing to stop young people viewing images of suicide and self-harm.

Addressing Social Barriers to Keep Patients Out of Hospitals

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Under the Health Enterprise Zones Initiative, Maryland allocated about $15 million across the five "zones" between 2013 and 2016, with the money used by county health departments, hospitals and their partners to address primary care shortages and social barriers to health, such as transportation and access to healthy food. Some communities have shuttered or adjusted their programs since the funding expired, but advocates say new research on savings to the state's health care system makes the case for investing in such hyperlocal interventions.

Comics Keep Laughs Coming Even With Clubs Closed by COVID-19

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Ironically, he had just partnered with the non-profit Mission Warriors to put on a weekly "Couch Comedy Club" show on its Facebook page that was aimed at both providing entertainment to current and ex-military as well as helping them overcome PTSD and other trauma. Now it's been opened to everybody and he has launched a nightly talk show called " Broken Zzzzs " that pulls in hundreds of viewers.

Predicting Disease Before It Happens


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Founder, CEO and President at Life Singularity, Inc, Sanjeev Wadhwa aims to deliver AI-driven real-time predictive health insights and on-demand virtual care to healthcare professionals. He walks us through his vision of using AI, VR, and blockchain to "predict health for a better life".