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Elon Musk HyperLoop: Tesla CEO Plans To Build His Own Tunnel System

International Business Times

Last month, Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Company CEO Elon Musk announced he received verbal approval from the government to build an underground Hyperloop in the East coast. Now, it seems Musk is trying to build the entire Hyperloop system himself, without the need of other startups with similar plans, according to a Bloomberg report. Musk introduced the Hyperloop concept in 2013 and conducted research with his SpaceX team. Back then he said he didn't have any plans to build the Hyperloop because he wanted to focus on SpaceX and Tesla. Musk suggested he didn't plan on building his own Hyperloop.

Hyperloop 'vacuum train' planned in China as firm invests $1 billion to build 'traffic tubes'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

China is laying the tracks for two different Hyperloop-esque concepts to be built in the country. US-based startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) said Thursday it will team up with a southwestern Chinese city to build a new six-mile track for a high-speed hyperloop transportation system. The move comes as Arrivo, a startup founded by an ex-SpaceX and Hyperloop One engineer, has entered a separate partnership with a state-run investment entity to pursue projects in China and around the world. HTT is one of several ventures vying to take Elon Musk's idea for a new type of transportation system propelling capsules through vacuum-sealed tunnels and turn it into reality. It has struck similar agreements with several other countries, with construction of its first capsules -- intended to magnetically levitate in low friction tubes -- underway at its innovation centre in France.

Look out, Hyperloop startups: Elon Musk might finally be coming for you.


Elon Musk might finally be ready to make Hyperloop, the high-speed tubular transportation tech he dreamed up back in 2013, a reality on his own terms. A source "close to Musk" told Bloomberg that the Boring Company CEO will move forward with plans to build his own Hyperloop system inside the underground tunnels planned to beat traffic in LA and the East Coast. The new report is the first claim that Musk will actually build his own Hyperloop track, which could be a blow to the other companies in the field. A Boring Company spokesman told Mashable via email that it will include Hyperloop technology in its tunnels, but stopped short of confirming what Bloomberg's source claimed. Musk recently set the news cycle buzzing when he tweeted out claims that he received "verbal government approval" to build a network of tunnels connecting major cities on the East Coast.

Bloomberg: Elon Musk is building his own Hyperloop


Elon Musk may have dreamt up the Hyperloop, but the bulk of its development has been carried out by others. When he unveiled the white paper in 2013, the South African billionaire said that his vision was "open sourced," and it would be for other startups to build it out. Now, however, sources close to Musk say that he will now build his own Hyperloop, starting with the New York to Washington D.C. route. The news was confirmed in a statement sent to Bloomberg via Musk's Boring Company, which said that it wants to "accelerate the development of this technology as fast as possible." That may pose an existential threat to the number of startups that have begun working on their Hyperloop designs.

Hyperloop One reveals 10 potential routes around the world

Daily Mail - Science & tech

After a year-long search for the most promising Hyperloop routes, the firm looking to bring Elon Musk's radical idea to life has finally announced the winners. Among thousands of applicants, Hyperloop One has chosen 10 routes in four countries including the US, Mexico, India, Canada, and the UK - in total, they'd cross 53 urban centers and span a total of 4,121 miles, connecting almost 150 million people. The firm plans to have three of the routes up and running in a commercial capacity by 2021. Among thousands of applicants, 10 routes have been chosen in four countries including the US, Mexico, India, Canada, and the UK - in total, they'd cross 53 urban centers and span a total of 4,121 miles, connecting almost 150 million people'I'd like to congratulate all the winners and finalists of the Global Challenge, along with the thousands of people and companies that put so much effort into thinking about how Hyperloop can change the world,' Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop One CEO, said in a blog post. In the US, the winning routes include Dallas – Houston (640 miles), Miami – Orlando (257 miles), Chicago – Columbus – Pittsburgh (488 miles), and Cheyenne – Denver – Puelbo (360 miles).