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Facebook Inc. (FB) Wants To Take A Big Bite Out Of Google's Online Advertising Ecosystem

International Business Times

Facebook, which turned its 1.65 billion users into a 18 billion ad business and growing, is now going to start showing ads to the rest of the world, even if they've never signed up for a Facebook account. The social network already tracks its own users around the web through its Audience Network, an advertising network for third-party websites; now, it is expanding this capability to non-Facebook users anyone visiting a website with a "like" button, the company announced Friday. That step is an effort to reach the more than 3 billion who use the internet, a broadside against Google's 24 billion display ad business, the world's largest. Facebook's strength lies in the troves of data it has on its active user base. That information can be used to inform the habits of the users it does not know so much about, what is called "lookalike targeting."

Oculus Rift's privacy policy says it's not liable if it's hacked


There's a steep price to pay for jumping into the Oculus Rift virtual reality world. The virtual reality company, bought by Facebook in March 2014, which launched its latest Rift headset only a few days ago, has drawn ire from some regarding its terms of service and its privacy policy, which some have argued are overly broad. Almost every product and service comes with rules and regulations that you agree to prior to using it. But virtual reality is a relatively new concept in the tech world. Given that Oculus is thought to be the leader in the virtual reality space, it hasn't done a great job of it so far.

Tech Earnings Roundup: AMZN, FB, TWTR, AAPL, EBAY & More


While a huge chunk of technology companies reported last week, Amazon (AMZN - Analyst Report), Facebook (FB), LinkedIn (LNKD - Analyst Report) and Expedia (EXPE - Analyst Report) were the star performers. Apple (AAPL - Analyst Report) disappointed, confirming negative sentiments. Last week also saw some developments on the Yahoo (YHOO - Analyst Report) sale front and Alphabet's decision to launch its own startup incubator. Amazon: The leading online retailer beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate on both the top and bottom lines. The high-margin AWS business was the only one that grew in the seasonally softer selling period, which was positive for margins. The FX impact on revenue came down significantly in the last quarter.

How Facebook's last year shows dominance in mobile advertising — and what's next


There's plenty of shiny toys to look at when it comes to Facebook -- Oculus Rift, WhatsApp, Messenger and ambitious plans to bring the internet to every corner of the globe. At its core, however, is good old advertising. "We're going to pursue any avenue we can to help business owners, all within the bounds of privacy control," said Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's vice president of ads and business platform. "Consumers need to feel comfortable if we ever creep anybody out we've done a poor job." Ahead of Advertising Week 2016 in New York, Mashable spoke with Bosworth to learn how Facebook has grown in digital and mobile advertising and what the team is creating next.

Lendit Conference 2017: Orchard's CEO Matt Burton Talks Marketplace Lending

Forbes - Tech

Since its appearance on Forbes' first annual Next Billion Dollar Startups list on 2015, the New York-based Orchard Platform has grown its team by more than 200%, partnered with over 20 new loan originators and continued expanding internationally. But beyond that, Orchard has been working to develop exactly what marketplace lending needs to transition from this year's growing pains into adulthood: a secondary market. Orchard has developed software that amasses and analyzes data from a wide range of marketplace loan originators, providing order management, benchmarking and other tools to analyze loan performance. The platform arms institutional investors with the ability to easily scale their loan portfolios and gain insight into their performance over time. And it benefits marketplace lenders by raising their profiles among investors and expanding their reach to new, diversified sources of capital.